Dear PoP – Be Careful of Possible ATM Skimming in Adams Morgan

“Dear PoP,

In the last two days I’ve noticed on my online bank statement two fraudulent and extremely high (the max that can be withdrawn in a 24hr span) ATM withdrawals. I’ve since locked the card, filed a dispute with the bank, and filed a police report. I suspect it was due to a local ATM card skimming operation. Whoever is withdrawing the cash has done so from the Wachovia Bank (not my bank) @ 1804 Adams Mill Road, NW and another unaddressed ATM in Adams Morgan. Just wanted to remind people, especially during the holidays, to be weary of this scam and to check ATMs for suspicious looking attachments and cameras, and especially to monitor their online statements like a hawk. Also, I wanted to inquire if any other readers have experienced this lately and in particular with that Wachovia location.”

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Check your statements!

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  • saf

    I just checked, as I have used that ATM in the recent past, as well as several others in Adams Morgan. Thanks for the heads up.

    Also, I note – wary, not weary.

  • I am not weary yet of this scam, but I am quite weary of deposed Nigerian princes who need help getting their funds to the U.S.

  • I was hit by pretty much the same scam yesterday. An ATM at a McDonald’s and an ATM on Conn and N. Let’s e-mail, see if we have any common links, and maybe we can held id the scammer.

  • A friend and several of her co-workers got hit this week by an ATM in Dupont.

  • PoP thank you for the info.

    Also, for Chrissake will the smugnacious commenters on this blog stop being so smug that they have to correct every got-dayum-thang? Gah, do those who do this really need this outlet in their lives to validate themselves or their self worth? Get a hobby! Or some friends!

  • I also recently discovered an ATM skimming scheme on my debit card. Not sure where they got my info, but they later withdrew the max from my account on Sunday at a bank ATM on CT and L.

  • The Adams Mill Wachovia ATM is a favorite for criminal activity.

    It’s a lousy ATM that takes the card and doesn’t return it automatically.

    I failed to take my card one time and someone (I strongly suspect it was someone sitting at one of the Starbucks table) immediately went over and managed to withdraw cash and then got some Metro fare cards.

    Total loss was around $500. Bank covered all but $50. The staff at that local Wachovia branch (where I do my banking) quickly fixed the problem. The staff at that branch is just super.

    I learned afterward that what happened to me is fairly common. Wachovia made a big mistake putting in that type ATM and, hopefully, someday they will replace it.

  • My account got hit on 12/21, 12/22, and 12/23. ATM locations Woodley Park, Adams Morgan, and Connecticut and L. Took the max $500/day. Reported to bank and canceled the cards.

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