Dear PoP – Anyone Familiar with Tikvah Inc.?

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Tyrannous

“Dear PoP,

I looked at an apartment last night in the newly renovated building at 1314 14th St. NW just north of Thomas Circle, and I was wondering if you knew anything about the developers, Tikvah Inc.? Their website isn’t exactly content-heavy…

I’m basically just trying to figure out if this is a reasonable development company or if I (and others) might regret signing a lease here…”

Hmm, I’ve never heard of these folks before. Has anyone had positive or negative experiences with this company?

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  • Not thinking anyone will have heard of them. They are a small company based in VT, according to the internets ( ) and their area code.

    My guess is that one of their people moved down here and they are more or less doing the house for themselves, but it is impossible to tell. Why don’t you give them a ring and ask them?

  • is that the 3 story building with the 2 store fronts? where they exposed all the copper? whats the contact info for those guys? what were the places like? I’m interested

  • Tikvah is the Hebrew word for ‘hope,’ so there’s a bit of a lead. There was also a redevelopment on the 1400 block of Monroe that had a Jewish-themed name on the sign out front, but I don’t remember if it was Tikvah or not.

    Also, my captcha is “possum anos,” which looks kinda gross.

  • Yeah I would be interested to know about these apartments as I am looking for one myself…

  • Good rental rates at that building. Dont know anything about the developers, but hard to beat location for that price. don’t cut any personal checks, if that’s what the email is getting at though…

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