Crepes on the Walk Now Open in Gallery Place


I saw a twitpic from @PQliving on twitter and stopped by yesterday when I was checking out Ping Pong Dim Sum. The crepe place is now open off 7th Street near G by the entrance to the mall/Gallery Place movie theater. I’d love to sneak some crepes into the movie theater… Here’s a look at the menu:



Do those prices seem reasonable?

After the jump are the two other kiosks one opened and one coming soon.


Auntie Anne’s Coming soon.


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  • I don’t know what the prices are in the US, but in France and other parts of EU, crepes are supposed to be a cheap snack. If that is $7/crepe, I would think that is MEGA expensive. How many crepes do you get for that? It is an expensive location, though…

  • Love crepes, but the prices do seem a bit too much. Especially since you don’t even get to sit down and eat your meal. But I still might be willing to give this a try.

  • i think its reasonable. although vancouver is expensive, just got back and crepes were 7 and 8 for one filling, like nutella, thats it. also, its kind of what the market will bear. sure its 1.50 worth of ingredients but it doesnt matter. Crepes are awesome, and nothing much better than a fresh warm nutella and banana crepe.

  • they’re selling $4 cupcakes down the block and $10 bowls of lettuce across the street, why would a $7 crepe raise your eyebrows? prices seem in-line with what you pay for crepes elesewhere

  • in france you can get crepes from street vendors for the equivalent of 3 bucks.

  • It’s not too expensive compared to France. I lived there in 2005 and it was 3-5 dollars depending on what you got on it. I’m pretty happy that there’s another option for “cheap eats” besides chinese food, burgers and burritos.

  • It’s cheaper than Snap in Georgetown. Hopefully a little better, too. . .

  • Screw crepes, we got ourselves a Smoothie King! YeeHa!

  • did anyone else notice that “apple, brown sugar, and cinnamon” was listed on the menu twice, once with and once without commas. Sheesh! I hate when business don’t take the time to proofread! it’s as if you don’t care about professionalism.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Smoothie King FTW!

  • I have had crepes almost this expensive in Paris, but they came with lots of fillings – chicken, cheese – more a meal than a snack. We’ll see how much they are piling into these (and how they taste).

  • I don’t see Grand Marnier on the menu?

  • FYI – This is the same company as Crepes a Go-go on P street between 21st and 22nd. I think their crepes are pretty tasty. And the prices look pretty standard to me.

  • Do they have whipped cream? Goes good with the strawberries. And I second the Grand Marnier.

  • A bit pricey but if they’re up to French standards it’s probably worth it.

    I’m personally a fan of Snap in Georgetown, but this would be much more convenient!

  • too expensive!

  • If they make them the same way they make them at Crepes-a-go-go then its definitely worth it. They typically pack them nice and full.

  • the menu was changed and the prices reviewed. that was just a temporary menu that they had to print because their real menues were not ready. they are still adjusting. and yes they are the same people as crepes a go go on P st.

  • i love crepes. when i was living in san francisco they cost around the same. but they probably tasted much better than these will… but ill still give them a try 🙂

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