Costco Coming to NE DC (and Possibly a Target Too)

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Thanks to all who sent me emails about this development. Washington Business Journal writes:

Wholesale club Costco has signed a letter of intent to occupy a shopping center in the Fort Lincoln neighborhood of Northeast D.C., according to Councilman Kwame Brown, D-At large.

Fort Lincoln President Michelle Hagans has been looking for major retailers for the 42-acre site, bounded by New York Avenue, South Dakota Avenue and 33rd Place, near the entrance to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, for more than a decade.

Hagans said she wants to have Costco — and Target — leases anchor a retail hub in a development once called Washington Gateway but which she is renaming The Shops at Dakota Crossing. She said other major retailers, such as Shoppers Food Warehouse, were still interested.

Minneapolis-based retailer Target has also been planning to enter the shopping center, and Brown said those plans could be finalized as early as this week.

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  • What I love about the site is that they can easily poach traffic from PG county and serve the District.

    Sort of like the stadium apologists claims, only with an actual chance for success

    As much as Metro access is nice for Pentagon City, Costco’s empahsis on quantity fits better with a car transit model.

  • Well.
    This put me in an ugly position where my desire to see an area develop competes with my desire for everything to stay the same so that traffic in that area does not get even worse than it already is.

    In one way, it makes sense for the costco to go there because the land is cheap and they are not in MD so they can still sell beer and wine. The location is right between the beltsville and pentagon city costcos, both of which are ridiculously overutilized. BUT, the location happens to be on one of the precious few ways out of town. I unfortunately doubt that the developers are going to have to pay any sort of money to the district to mitigate the traffic increase in the area.

    I’ll be happy if this development brings some jobs and revenue to the District, but it would be nice if they could do it in a lower impact manner.

  • Sounds good to me. No more traveling outside of the city for bulk. Bring it Kwame. I find it hard to believe the Pentagon City location has plans to close though. That place is a gold mine.

  • I didn’t know the Pentagon City location is closing. When?

    • Article says two years. I am sure they are going to redevelop the site it is on. I am also sure they will open another one close by in Alexandria.

  • I think you mean “gold mind”.

  • Nice that they are building in DC, but with traffic is that location really any more convienient to most of Petworth than the one in Beltsville? Or the Pentagon City one for that matter?

  • Just to clarify, this was in response to “Lady”s comment. People commonly type “gold mine” when the correct saying is “gold mind”. As in, Whoever thought of that is brilliant– they have a “gold mind”.

    • I hope that’s a Rotsky you’re pulling. Otherwise I’d re-check the dictionary, google, and some sources on idioms.

    • Actually, you’re all wrong. The correct expression is “Gold Mime” and it refers to those guys who paint themselves with gold paint and stand at street corners absolutely still. They only begin their mime routine if you put money in the jar that sits in front of them.

      The expression is used to compare the fact that an idea is so good that it’s as easy to get money as it is to be a gold mime, that is, to get money by just standing in one spot.

  • where is Port Lincoln?

  • shouldn’t the correct saying be a \gold mine\ as in \there is a lot of money to be made in there\?

  • saf

    Thor is correct, Chris, WTF? Tell us you’re kidding, ok?

  • I understand what you’re saying– I’ve heard this point made before. But if you look it up, it’s actually gold mind. “Gold mine” kind of makes sense, which is why it’s so confusing. I’m 100% on this.

    • 100%… wrong maybe. Sorry, I have looked it up. It’s gold mine. Can you link to proof to the contrary?

    • Give us a link on your research buddy, because pretty much all of us seem to have the same understanding… Gold Mine, as in the place is minting money.

      I thought for sure it was sarcasm at first, because it is pretty hard to discern it on teh interwebs, but I’d like to know if there is another saying I should be using…

      While Gold Mind might be a saying, it does not mean that gold mine was not another legitimate saying said to convey what was meant here…

      • Actually, Gold Mine, as in the place is extracting valuable resources from its surroundings. Minting takes place in Philadelphia and Denver.

  • He’s absolutely got to be “pulling our eggs”.

    • This is seriously the historically correct idiom. It’s an old Scottish saying that referred to the once-serious problem of egg poaching, from back in the day when lots of people kept chickens. When the waves of Irish immigrants arrived here in the 1800s, they were misunderstood to be saying “pulling my leg” instead of “egg” because of their thickly accented brogues.

    • west_egg

      I guess either would work, for all intensive purposes…


  • Reader, the correct saying is “pulling our legs”. Everyone, please think this through. 2 people are talking, let’s call them Lacy and Jeff. Lacy to Jeff: Opening up a Costco in NE DC is a great idea. Jeff to Lacy: Yes, I’ve been known to have a “gold mind”.

    As in, That Costco is a gold mind (idea). Except no one says the “idea” part.

    • I prefer “pulling our eggs” … sounds slightly dirty and of slightly british commonwealth origin.

    • Chris, does anyone else you know use the expression that way? Have you ever heard or seen it used that way on TV, in a newspaper, online anywhere?

      Please, if you have, I’d love to see it.

      But, here’s how the above conversation actually goes:

      Lacy: Opening up a Costco in NE DC is a great idea. That’s a gold mine – they’ll be making so much money they can wipe their bums with it!
      Jeff: Indeed!

      There is no gold mind. Do you use this expression in conversation? And do people look at you funny when you do?

  • Except Lady said “That place is a gold mine.”
    As in, it makes a lot of money.

    Oh my god I can’t believe I just responded to that crap. Idiot or Troll?

  • Ahhhh, I feel sheepish. You guys are right, just researched online and could not find “gold mind” anywhere. Ugh, sorry. No idea why I was so convinced otherwise. Anyway, definitively it’s “gold mine” as in, That idea is so good, I wish it was mine!

    • Aww, it’s okay! When I was four and my family was planning a trip to Miami, after hearing them talking about it for weeks I busted out with, “Well, when are we going to YOUR AMI?”

      At least you weren’t insisting that “irregardless” is actually acceptable.

  • language evolves over time. Nobody uses “Gold Mind,” so it is no longer an acceptable phrase to refer to either brilliance or profitability. End of conversation.

    Assuming there is going to be a shi*ton of surface parking here. Not so nice. Hopefully they can do something that increases the neighborhood’s walkability and/or bikeability

  • My main concern is that the article indicates they are going to bulldoze sensitive wetlands to build this project. Given that the Anacostia River is already in pretty dire straits, converting hundreds of thousands of square feet of wetlands along the river into impermeable parking lots and buildings will have a disastrous effect on the ecosystem. The proposed remediation measures discussed in the article sound like a joke, along the lines of the golf course water obstacles that were being counted as “wetlands” under the Bush Administration. Isn’t there enough abandoned warehouse space in that part of NE that could be used for this project, without having to bulldoze some of the last wetlands in the region?

    • It’s not really wetlands there, but it is undeveloped land, and paving over it will change the flow patterns and increase the amount of pollutants (oil, road salt, asphalt leachings, etc) entering the Anacostia.

    • The parking lots will not necessarily be impermeable. Nor do they need to be on the surface, for that matter. Because DC taxes impermeable surface area, the developer has incentive minimize the footprint of the parking areas, and to use permeable concrete or asphalt, vegetated medians/islands, and natural stormwater management features.

  • Actually, you’re all wrong. The correct expression is “Gold Mime” and it refers to those guys who paint themselves with gold paint and stand at street corners absolutely still. They only begin their mime routine if you put money in the jar that sits in front of them.

    The expression is used to compare the fact that an idea is so good that it’s as easy to get money as it is to be a gold mime, that is, to get money by just standing in one spot.

  • That’s awesome! Now if we could get a Petsmart I’d never have to leave DC again.

  • Chris – I think you meant to say “intents and purposes”.

  • Sorry! I meant to say @ Gordon 3:51 pm – i think you meant to say all \intents and purposes\.

  • Really, this is all a moo point– like what a cow thinks, it just doesn’t matter.

    (Yeah, that’s right. I just quoted Friends. It had its moments!)

  • I think Chief Lanier is a resident of Dakota Crossing. (If you have never seen the townhouses they are very nice and have great views as the homes sit on what looks like a fort). There are several projects planned for the Riggs Road end of SD Ave good to see something happening on the other end.

    I saw a sign re: UDC plans to have a satellite campus across from fort Totten Metro at the former Baccus (sp?) Middle School.

    BTW – I think it is closer to Petworth than Beltsville

  • Apparently the Pentagon City location closing was an error – there’s now a correction on the site saying something about how it made an error in discussing the Pent City location. Grammar discussions aside, i LOVE Pent City CostCo but can be easily swayed if the DC location sells beer & wine. Does anybody know if it will? Cheap beer is the only reason I deal w/ Pent City parking and never truck out to MD to go to CostCo.

  • this is great. vincent orange had brokered the initial deal but the scale was too large and dc peeps freaked out over the stupid growth model it followed.dc didnt hold enough leverage to force costco to change the design.

    now it will probably move forward with a still stupid growth model and be very pedestrian unfriendly. but its not like that area has a shot in hell of becoming pedestrian friendly in the next few decades.

    anyone else remember these oh so optimistic days?:

    i’ll still go there though. actually, it cant open soon enough for me.

    • Good luck with that pedestrian-friendly Costco concept. Going to a Costco virtually requires driving there. There aren’t too many items at Costco that you’re going to want to carry back to your apartment on foot.

      • i agree. but that doesn’t mean its the proper way for the city to expand. for instance, the parking could be on top or underneath the store. and the design of the site could be made to fit into the grid system, and all that. the current model of costcos isnt the only bulk shopping design possible.

        and like i said, i’ll still go there.

  • I guess it’s good for DC that this new location is opening, but for much of Northwest, the Pentagon City location will still be a quicker drive. Hopefully the new location will take some pressure off the Pentagon City location, which I have been told is the one of the busiest locations in the country. There are always tons of cars there with DC tags.

  • This SUCKs. I never go to Costco (I rarely need a 64 oz. tub of peanut butter and 24 stale muffins) but I DO drive in and out of town via South Dakota/Ft. Lincoln when I’m headed to the beach, Annapolis, Eastern Shore…The traffic is going to get worse. Blech. Maybe it will help the Salvation Army to have more traffic near there.
    That weird deserted road past the bottling plant and Fort Lincoln (it connects to S. Dakota) seems to attract abandoned/torched cars.
    They already paved over a woodland to put in those looming townhouses, way to melt the ice caps DC!

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