Congrats to Fusion Restaurant on its One Year Anniversary!


Fusion located at 4815 Georgia Ave, NW near Moroni and Bros. has long been one of my “new” favorite restaurants. I can hardly believe it has already been a year since they’ve opened. The owner, Barry, pictured above could be one of the nicest proprietors I’ve met (and I’ve been fortunate to meet many). Barry previously worked at Rasika and Bombay Club and has brought that quality of dining to Petworth. But more than just the great food, he has created a warm neighborhood spot where regular diners often greet each other like old friends. This was evidenced at the party thrown to celebrate the anniversary. It was filled with an amazingly friendly and diverse crowd. So congrats to Barry, his family and colleagues, and I look forward to many more years of quality dining at Fusion.


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  • yes! we ate their last weekend and were absolutely blown away by how good the curries were. Congratulations to fusion!

  • kinda hot too

  • My wife and I had dinner there Saturday. It was fantastic. I hope they are doing well. It’s great to see good food in Petwork.

  • My wife and I had dinner there Saturday. It was fantastic. I hope they are doing well. It’s great to see good food in Petworth.

  • I’m surprised they are still open actually, the place always seems empty when I am there. It is good food, portions could be bigger, but that block is a struggle it seems. I wonder how Moroni Bros is doing overall?

  • after the meal we had this weekend we will be back. I can’t recommend their food highly enough. Domku, Fusion and Moroni Brothers are seriously 3 of my favorite restaurants in the city, and I eat at restaurants all the time.

  • I love Fusion – the best Indian in DC, and even better: they deliver to Petworth! Along with Maroni, no need to leave your house till spring.

  • Good to see Joe Francis working again.

  • So happy to have Fusion nearby. I’ve noticed while they were often empty when they first opened, the last few times I’ve gone on Friday or Saturday they are full or almost full, and Moroni’s too. Petworth peeps – eat out a lot so we keep getting great new restaurants!!

  • Dad & I took Mom out there for her b-day. Barry served us personally and brought out a birthday tiramisu gratis. Nice guy, great food.

  • I’ve eaten at Fusion three times in the last four months and I haven’t found a bad dish on the menu yet. Also, their Indian Sunday brunch (w/bottomless mimosas) is totally worth the trip.

  • We pretty much cycle through Domku, Fusion and Moroni and Bros. as often as we can. We feel we owe it to the neighborhood to show we can support good restaurants!! I love Fusion – the food and the service are both top notch.

    • yeah us too. plus we can always get parking which is super helpful. we barely ever go to dupont or downtown to eat out anymore, too inconvenient, and domku/fusion/moroni are frankly better than most of what’s in the big destination areas.

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