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Speaking of getting to H Street, NE, it never ceases to amaze me how many “coming soon” signs I see when I hit the area. I’m sure some folks have heard of these spots but I got some emails about them so I thought I’d throw them out there (more to come later in the week).

First, which I think is the coolest, is the Star and Shamrock Tavern slated to come next door to the H Street Country Club at 1341 H Street, NE. Sounds awesome, but I don’t quite get the Star of David unless there will be some Israeli folk music as well…


And just a few storefronts away at 1339 H Street, NE will be Dangerously Delicious Pies (which I’ve received a ton of emails about). They were slated to open in the fall so hopefully it won’t be too much longer of a wait.


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  • Star = Jewish deli
    Shamrock = Irish pub

    Two great tastes that taste great together

  • Great idea! Wish them all the best.

  • it is.

  • Christ, two of the crazier (on many levels, good and bad)ethnic groups we got. This place should be cool.

  • Brought to you by Seamus and Maura Steinberg.

  • featuring:
    Potato Hummus
    Boxty Shmoxty
    gefilte fish and Chips
    black wine pudding

    and clearly, there won’t be car bombs served at this joint.
    though a Half and Half is up to interpretation…..
    but you gotta try the McMann O’Schewitz. its beyond.

  • I didn’t see the ‘tavern’ part of the sign at first and thought it was perhaps a gun store – some sort of IDF/IRA themed shop [to go along with all the other clever themed establishments on H St.] Armalites and UZIs for everyone!

  • In Richmond there’s a pub called O’Greenbergs, which is a combination Deli and Irish pub. Makes sense. Both groups like corned beef. Other types of salted meats and potatoes and cabbage. Both groups have been fucked over by the rest of humanity throughout history. And produced the world’s best comedians. Looking forward to this.
    And another amusing side note – the security word the site has given me to upload this comment is ‘hebrew’.

  • So the star of David stands for white people taking over and occupying non-whites’ land? Fitting!

  • The great thing is… you can serve corned beef and cabbage at both!

  • The guys at Trusty’s are involved in this project. I’ve talked to them about it a bit and some other folks down on H St. It seems like it’s a little bit stalled, but the last time I was in Trusty’s I was assured things are moving ahead.

    DDPies did TGiving orders, with, from what I’ve heard, much success. Not sure what the hold up is, but they should be in and open by Christmas.

  • Great, anon at 12:01, now we get the anti-gentrification and anti-Israel trolls together in one thread (hard to believe they come in the form of the same individual). Personally, I have a hard time seriously anyone who is not a Native American (or was not descended from someone forcibly brought to this country), yet lives in the U.S., who complains about white people taking anything over, anywhere.

    Count me as one who is intrigued by this place. At the very least, they better serve some damn good homemade potato latkes :).

  • Anyone know if the Star and Shamrock might be Kosher? I have some friends at work who would be really interested in another kosher restaurant.

  • I spoke to the electrician who was working at Dangerously Delicious Pies yesterday. He said that he thinks they’re trying to get opened up next week. The place looks really close to finished so maybe it’s possible.
    Hope the DC powers-that-be cooperate. It would be a great Christmas present for H Street and the whole community.

  • anti-gefiltification?

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