Casey Tree Map is Awesome


Have you guys seen this? You can see the map here. It is awesome! From Casey Tree’s Web site:

“In April 2009, Casey Trees launched the Casey Trees Map, an interactive online tool to help users determine the existing Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) and planting opportunities for any address in the District and identify every tree Casey Trees has planted since 2003.

Just today in a soft launch we rolled out an enhanced version of Casey Trees Map featuring our new Trees of Note program and Add-A-Tree feature.

Trees of Note is a program that connects people to trees in the District deemed special because of their size, history and/or personal significance. Anyone can nominate or locate trees in three distinguished categories – Big Trees, Witness Trees and My Tree.”

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  • Totally Awesome Indeed! It was so cool to see our trees! Can’t wait till 2010 when you can add information and updates on your trees, then the world will know how awesome the trees on 6th St. NE really are!

  • I’m a big fan of Casey Trees and their tree maps 🙂

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