Bringing the Christmas Tree Home


I love spotting people taking their Christmas trees home by foot. It always puts a smile on my face. It’s gotta be my decades long Christmas tree envy or something…

In case you missed the post a couple weeks ago, here are reader suggestions for where to get a Christmas tree in DC.

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  • Haha that wasn’t me specifically in the photo, but that was me and the boyfriend this weekend. I loved the random smiles we got from strangers on the 5 or 6 block walk back home from Garden District.

  • dude, get your tree delivered from garden district. best thing we’ve done this Christmas season.

  • Yeah it was $25 – not worth it for my $45 tree.

  • we found a great deal in eastern market and brought ours home to u st on the metro! got tons of smiles and even had tourists taking pictures… love living in the city this time of year 🙂

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    I saw that exact couple at the Ross Elementary School Xmas Tree Sale this Sunday where I also picked up my tree. I opted for the FREE DELIVERY to Petworth.

    They also have wreaths, garlands, and mini trees for sale. And the sale runs for the next two weekends. 1/2 the sale is tax-deductible.

    Located on R St in dupont between 17th and NH Ave NW.

    They had a bake sale this weekend too – YUM!

  • Hey that’s me!

  • Kalorini

    I got my first live tree this weekend from the Garden District–it was a little more than I wanted to spend, but the people working in the cold were quick and helpful! They helped me put the tree on its stand, and tied it to the top of my car.

  • I remember many years ago going to the Tenleytown Hechinger’s with my friend Tony. We each bought a full sized Christmas tree and took the trees home on the red line Metro.

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