Assault at Eastern Market Yesterday, Suspect Apprehended

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I thought this was a bizarre crime report from the MPD listserv, thankfully the suspect was apprehended.

“Word on the street is that there was a mugging at Eastern Market and that’s the reason for all of the police activity. Could you please confirm or clarify?”

The MPD response:

“There was an assault at the market, subject punched 2 individuals in the face and fled the scene. He has been apprehended and is being processed.”

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  • If anyone has arrest reports for this area, try to get the arrestees name and search for them here:

    If you don’t find them it means the person was a juvenile and is probably already released, or was released for lack of evidence. Note even if you find their name in the docket they may be released already as well.

  • Sterilize all criminals upon conviction. Male, female, or other.

  • So, DC clearly has a problem with violent males, including many many dreadlock juveniles with guns. What is happening to our culture? What a shame to lose civility in the midst of such a renaissance. What is working? Who are the ones making that happen?

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