Appreciating the Detail on Old Houses


The details on some of the older houses are truly awesome. Just looking at the side of this house I loved the little round window, the chimney and the bay window. It made me wonder if a new house would ever be built in the future with such detail…



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  • Provided it’s built above a certain height, under the building code of the District of Columbia, it is still legal to build a bay window that protrudes beyond your property line and air space and above a sidewalk or alley.

  • built like that in the future? one cannot be fully ascertained, and as such, i shall procure several warm fish tacos.

  • I absolutely love the circular windows and the brickwork that goes with it – they certainly don’t build that way anymore – sad but true

  • is that in LeDroit? Looks like that one house by the LeDroit sign, though I think that one is blue…

  • Not to mention the stunning color!

  • 5th & ‘U’ NW, right?

    Should have seen it before the paint faded.

    You should do a story about the haunted house diagonally across the intersection from it. Its kinda legendary in LeDroit Park.

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