ACKC Much More Than Chocolate (Soon)


Back in June of ’08 I wrote how the ACKC shop at 1529 14th St, NW is about much more than the just chocolate. At the time I was talking about art. This time I’m talking about liquor. They have applied for a liquor license. I was just talking with a friend about hot liquor drinks so the potential here could be huge…

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  • I was just there the other day and got some Parisian macaroons to go! Eight flavors, and I got one of each. Total price $17.36. Sadly, I love macaroons, almost as much as sashimi and petite fours, basically things that come at $2/bite…but it feels so fancy!

  • Kinda sad that every place seems to have to have liquor sales to be able to be profitable. But especially a place like this that I’d hope could stick to their chocolate thang…

    • Booze helps make everything else better!
      But seriously, they can do lots of liquor type drinks all in a chocolate theme. You can have all sorts of concoctions of a real hot cocoa with melted chocolate and some rum, khalua and whipped creme on top sprinkled with cinamon. Just because a place sells booze doesn’t mean it has to be a place for yuppies to get smashed on miller lite.

  • wotv – did you know that macaroons are one of the simplest things to make yourself? They are essentially just egg whites beaten with sugar, a little vanilla, then fold in shredded coconut. Bake in a low oven – 300.

    I’m sure there are dozens of recipies online for exact proportions, and various factors will influence the texture a bit, but it is an easy and inexpensive thing to play with at home.

  • Victoria, I suspect wotv was talking about macarons and not macaroons – to be honest I didn’t know the difference until I looked it up yesterday (wikipedia has helpful pictures of each). Does anyone know of dessert classes in the area that teach how to make macarons? I agree that they are fantastic, but sadly too expensive for me to afford to develop a full-on addiction.

  • Never mind, I googled it and it appears that Adour offers monthly macaron classes – woohoo!

  • Bring on the Irish coffee and eggnog!

  • I really want to like ACKC, but I have never had good hot chocolate there. Way too sweet, and the chocolate tastes inferior.

  • ACKC is more a candy store than a chocolate store.

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