1612 U Street, NW Development Revealed (Currently Results Gym)


DC Mud released some interesting details last week:

“VIDA Fitness received the okay today to build its “flagship” gym and spa on U Street. VIDA’s owner will renovate the near century-old building at 1612 U Street and add an 8,500 s.f. extension glass extension to accommodate the new gym.

The new gym will easily out-muscle the current occupant, as well as existing VIDAs, with a 51,500-s.f., 4-story gym boasting “a private rooftop club with a 60-foot pool, resort cabanas, communal fire pit, outdoor waterfall, sundeck and a member lounge with restaurant service,” substantially beating out the 29,000 s.f. Verizon Center location.

…a still unnamed restaurant, operated by Capitol City Brewing Company, taking over the first-floor restaurant space.”

You can read more details from DC Mud here.

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  • Hate to be honest, but that roofpool is going to turn into a big gay hangout. Cool and all for all the gay members – but for all the straight gym members – its going to feel like a big gay bar and I can guarentee it will make the straight folk uncomfortable. oh well.

  • Pool Person, why would being around gay men make the straight members uncomfortable? After all, the gym is in a neighborhood that is heavily gay, and the U Street Results has been supported by gay men since its inception. If straight people are uncomfortable, they should probaly find another gym since this place is likely to stay very gay.

  • Sounds like beautiful plans.

    @ pool person, I assert…
    1. you’re overestimating the amount of straight members at that gym, currently.
    2. wildly imagining the decorum of the future club (which by its very nature doesn’t even exist yet).
    3. being very close-minded.

    I think you will find that the current Vida locations’ membership is very mixed, professional and accepting of all lifestyles. And then again, anything is possible; a business will thrive or fail based on how well their services match up with market demand. If you require a \straight\ gym, there is likely one for that, too.

  • I sure hope Results moves north of U St. I’d love to drop my WSC membership – great location, crappy club.

  • Sounds very expensive. Any info on membership fees? My guess is over 100 bucks a month…

    • I was a member at the Vida at the Verizon Center since they opened and I thought it was fairly reasonable(I’m not anymore – it’s a great gym, just inconvenient now). I don’t remember the initial fee (but there was some kind of opening deal) and my monthly was $84. It’s been not quite a year since I quit; not sure what it is now.

  • Please excuse my ignorance, but what’s a ‘communal fire pit’ and what purpose would it serve at a gym? Sounds cultish.

  • what does Vida have that Results doesn’t?

    • Well, for one, Vida owns the building that this Results is in.

      Vida always felt more spa-like to me than Results (speaking strictly of the Verizon Center Vida and the Results on the Hill) which I liked, and when I originally joined Vida, I liked the endless pools, which Results doesn’t have. It was nice to be able to swim at the gym, rather than having to go to a pool someplace else.

  • Very, very sad to be losing Results on U Street. I don’t want my gym to feel like a spa and the “private rooftop lounge” sounds thoroughly obnoxious. (And to Pool Person’s comment, I hope it does turn into a gay hangout. Results was originally a gay gym that operated out of one guy’s garage. The U Street Results has a lot of history in DC’s gay community and I hope Vida continues that tradition.)

    I second Gymz’s wish for Results to open up in Columbia Heights/Mt Pleasant. Please god – we need more quality, locally-owned businesses up here.

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