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  • The Green Line Professionals can have their next meet up here and start being happy at 3:00.

  • Well, that’s the time frame that I usually try to get to the gym (love love love a not crowded gym), but I suppose I could make an exception some time.

  • I am pretty sure you can… ha ha!

  • Ah, well, I see new you admitted that in the post. So you up for happy hour around 4 today?

  • 3-6pm? That might make sense if the happy hour deals were worth it. But come on! $5.99 for house drinks??? That’s only $0.50 off their normal price. $2.99 for beers isn’t too bad, I suppose, assuming the discount isn’t just for domestic beers. And 10% off appetizers is a total joke.

    Haven’t eaten here yet, even though I live right around the corner. Is the food any good?

  • It’s good but that happy hour sounds depressing. I don’t even get off work until 6 PM.

  • Well if you’re a government worker and often get off early on Fridays… I’ve been known to frequent bars around 3 or 4 pm.

  • Yes, I don’t understand places that have 10% off…. what does that save you?? It is not appealing at all!

  • It saves you 10%…

    I would guess this is catered towards the young coeds that appear to live in the building.

  • Probably DC government employees.

  • The point of happy hour is to entice people into a bar when they aren’t normally busy. While 3-6 certainly fits that description, I agree it sort of misses the point entirely.

  • I live right by TTII, and it never seems THAT busy. Does anyone know how they’re doing? I agree, a happy hour that ends at 6pm is pretty early…!

  • I could maybe kinda see a HH ending at 6pm if it were downtown… people can get off work at 5 or 5:30 and walk over and have their first drink or 2 discounted. But there are very few 9-5 type jobs in Columbia Heights, so it doesn’t work.

  • I do work for the Fed and I get off at 6. This doesn’t work for me and for almost everyone I know.

  • I find this a frequent problem. Work hours in DC are not conducive to happy hours, and owners probably make them that way. But there is no way I could make it to a happy hour that starts at 5, let alone 6, except on a rare occassion

  • My husband is a HS teacher, and they have trouble finding open places for their 4 o’clock happy hours. Not that I’d know, since I can’t get there til 6:30. 🙂

  • I don’t think I’ve ever been to a happy hour, spent so many years in SF where no one has them. (No one in SF needs an excuse to drink.) Noticed the other day a happy hour in East Harlem that was from 12-8pm, and the bar had free wifi which really sort of sounds like the ideal co-working location.

  • I ate here the other day, food is decent if a bit expensive for what it is. And 10% off for Happy Hour? Isn’t that like sales tax? Dumb.

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