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View 14 Exterior full view_09-01-06

Last week I mentioned that the new building, View 14, at 14th and Florida is open for leasing. The project manager had a few clarifications:

“1. The pricing on was not accurate. Our 2 bedroom / 2 Bath units currently start at $2,885, not at $3,870 as was noted in the comments

2. Yes, there is secured underground parking, with approximately 150 parking spaces for lease. We also have Zipcar carsharing on site.

3. The Comcast antenna tower will be removed soon. In its place, smaller dishes will be installed on the roof of View 14.

4. Invitations to the VIP party have not yet been sent to those that have registered on our list. We are gathering the names and our leasing team will send out an invitation via email as the event approaches.

If there are any further questions, please visit or contact our leasing staff at 202.797.1414.”

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  • Good to hear the tower is going away. What becomes of the small building next to the tower?

    How many retail space are in the street level and what sort of business are you looking for the spaces?

  • let me be the first to chime in hoping that there is a trader joe’s in the future of this building. barring that, an arby’s. barring that, an artisanal chocolatier. barring that, a restaurant that serves some sort of fusion small plates. barring that, a kite store. barring that, a hipster bike store that also sells sex toys. barring that, a cvs, because this block is under-cvsed 2 full blocks from the nearest cvs. barring that, i’d like to see an organic grocery store that’s part of a small chain headquartered in annapolis. barring that, a byob performing arts space. barring that, a cupcakery. barring that, a pizzeria serving extremely thin-crusted pizzas with exotic toppings like patchouli oil and sun-dried cauliflower. barring that, an inclusive and diverse yoga studio. barring that, a place that sells sandwiches made on rolls that are flown in twice a day from a small town two hours to the north of florence, italy. barring that, a gelato shop that also trains underprivileged youths business skills.

    get on in councilmember graham. if you can’t deliver one of these things to the hood i will be very disappointed.

  • Glad to hear they’re tearing down the huge antenna. Maybe those damn starlings will now gather somewhere far, far away.

  • A non-organic grocery store would be nice. Also a gym, for once Results is kicked out of its current U Street space in 2011.

  • Will View 14 finish up the details on the top of the building? In the picture you can see the crown at the top and that hasn’t been installed… Thoughts?

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