Triple Shooting on 700 Block of Harvard Early Thurs. Morning

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Sad news on Thanksgiving – From MPD:

“MPD is on the scene of a home in the 700 block of Harvard St. NW where 3 adult males were shot. At this time the victims have survived but one is critical. Anyone with information is asked to call 202 727-9099.”

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  • I was waiting in line at Tynan yesterday morning, and this pushy Washington Post reporter barged in front of me demanding a sub-par latte so she could have a basis for a pithy anecdote to wrap up a schmaltzy column. Boy, this neighborhood…

  • Any update on this? That’s my block and I couldn’t the cops hanging around to tell me a thing.

  • Seems like there was a party and some guys came by and shot up the front door and then the back door. A Channel 7 reporter on the scence told me they were targeting someone inside and were with MS-13. This is the first time any Latino gang has shown up in this area. I hear the family might have had gang connections and recently moved over here bringing with them their problems.

  • We’re on Irving (b/w Park and Warder) and heard not a thing. Is Virginia and MoCo kicking these folks out and they are returning to the District? I keep telling people the brothers are not the issue. Random winos, a handful 90s holdover crackheads, idiots who dress like they’re auditioning for The Wire and a few teenagers on bikes hunting for iPods or each other. The vast majority are just family folks & blue collar gov. workers who’ve been here since forever. It’s the Latino ice-holes with delusions of La Eme who are dangerous; everybody around us is cool but they seem to have drinking buddies who are wrapped up in this crap. You can always tell who they are by the dress and attitude, and, ironically, their use of English rather than Spanish.

  • PS Howard University needs to tell the parents of the kids in Drew Hall about this. I guess they felt since yuppies moved in it would be safer.

  • ProfChris–a sort of neo Archie Bunker way of putting it but it seems accurate at the same time.

  • no need to go volunteer in the third world – it’s here!

  • This is precisely why I shouldn’t read the comments anymore.

  • Any update on this? I agree it is a little too close to the Howard campus for comfort….

    It seems the students are walking right past this block between the gym/dining hall and Drew Hall

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