The New Mural at Sherman Ave, NW and Barry Place is looking Amazing


I had no idea it was going to look this great when I first saw it a couple of weeks ago. At the time we learned that the mural is part of Murals DC 2009.  I particularly like the one of the woman holding a camera with the Washington Monument in the lens and of course the amazing sun to the left.



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  • Just the begining for Sherman Ave!!!!!

  • I drive past that every morning and I love it! It’s a very captivating mural. There’s even more to it this morning than shown in the photos. It’s going up very quickly – I saw the team out there at night with scaffolding and flood lights painting all hours.

    (of course maybe it’s just a diabolical scheme to distract drivers from the photo speed trap that is sometimes set up right there)

    Kudos to Murals DC 2009. Anyone know the individual artists at work here?

  • This is definitely one of the better-executed murals around town. Very eye-catching!

  • Vonstallin

    Great stuff…
    I just hope it don’t get tag…so tired of seeing good murals/artwork tagged up.

  • LOVE it! 🙂

  • Definitely one of the coolest ones out there!

  • It’d be interesting to talk to the artists about the tagging issue. We all know this will get tagged at some point, I’d say sooner rather than later. The tag will be one of those scrawly scripts of someone’s name that only they can recognize and that take all of five seconds to do. How do the artists prepare themselves for this inevitable destruction? Or, do you have some tricks up their sleeves like coating the whole thing in butter or something? Or, perhaps its like a sand mandala to them, and not meant for permanence?

  • Whoa someone with actual artistic skill creating a public mural! Shocked, I am.

  • Artist credits?

    Pennywise: In California in the Sixties, Chicano street mural artists added the symbol c/s to their work, which stood for “con safos,” “with respect.” The good news: this meant no one wrote over the murals, symbols of community solidarity and pride. The bad news: the implicit “or else” threatened retaliatory gang violence, and that seems to be what deterred potential vandals.

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