The Dog Walker is Ripping Us Off by Wayan

This Dog Walker is Ripping Us ALL Off: walking 14 Dogs at once, some without leashes

Speaking of dogs, I thought this note from Wayan was very interesting. He writes:

“Dog Owners

He’s ripping off the dog owners who think their dog is getting an individual dog walk service. At 14 dogs at a time, this isn’t attention or exercise for your dog, just a factory-walk where the dog is pulled along with others. Small dogs could get hurt and he would not notice, or be able to stop it – he has 13 other dogs to try and control too.

Dog Supporters

With a 14-dog pack, this dog walker is exploiting those who support dogs and dog parks in Washington, DC. He is unable to control the dogs – three were off leash in this park – which will lead to complains about dogs running after people off-leash. And at 14 dogs, he is not possibly able to pick up all dog poop, leaving dog feces for others to step in and complain about.

Dog Walkers

If you enjoy making money walking dogs, dog walkers like this will have the city regulate or ban your industry. At 14 dogs, he cannot control this pack. All it takes is for one dog to get in a dog fight with another dog or a child, where he cannot control it because he’s trying to rein in the rest of the pack, and he (and you) will be front page news for all the wrong reasons.”

What is the maximum number of dogs a professional dog walker should be able to take out at once?

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  • who is this pansy wayan? i hate people that want to put pillows on everything

  • i vote for 3 or 4, maximum.

  • Mandatory dog helmets and protective equipment for dogs, owners/supporters/walkers.

  • You know what would make this site better? Listening to embedded audio files while reading contributor mail. I’d recommend a thirty-second air raid siren here.

  • It looks like he could actually handle about 5 or 6 more……

  • as if this is some new phenomenon? I think wayan is just mad that this dog walker is prob making a ton of money. At ten bucks a dog thats 140 bucks for an hour or two of work and prob in cash.

  • Ahhh, this photo drives me batsh*t crazy because that’s Walter Pierce Park and instead of having the dogs he’s got with him in the official dog park that is just feet away, he’s got them on the field (which albeit is a mess, but that’s not the point). I guess I should at least be glad that he’s adhereing to the “no more than 3 dogs per handler” rule at the dog park….

    Hey wait, I recognize a couple of those dogs, I bet their owners would be none-to-happy about this!

  • Be nice. Wayan has a good point. Several good points, actually. There is NO WAY that guy is picking up all the poop. And, there’s no way he could stop a dogfight (which increases in likelihood with each additional dog) or a runaway. Really, though, the poop is my big complaint.

  • I also recognize a couple of these dogs as well. And I know that at least one of the dog owners pays $20 a day to have their dog walk. Oh are they going to be pissed.

  • Well, at least the dogs look like they’re having a good time.

    Now that young urban professionals are waiting until at least the age of 40 to procreate, dogs have taken the place of children in their lives. Seriously, the constant doting over dogs in this city is annoying and crazy, and this is coming from someone who likes dogs. They fact that there are even dog parks in existence is still crazy to me.

  • With the success of “Nanny Cams”, now comes “Dog Walker Cam”.

  • maybe i’m just really awesome. But I think I could pick up 14 poops. Id guess each poop would take my 20 seconds to bag. thats 3 poops a minute. 14 divided by 3 is. Well the math gets tricky there but you get my point. I bet this guy is even better at picking up poops than me too cause I don’t even have a dog and this guy has 14. Plus if two or three dogs poop at the same time you may be able to bag them in one swoop. depending on the size of the dog.

  • I pay a dog walker, so I think I’m qualified to ask:

    Who gives a shit? I’m happy if my dog gets to be socialized. She needs it. This guy seems talented if he can handle all these dogs in a pack.

    Kudos, dogwalkerman.

  • I think this is ridiculous and totally agree that it’s outrageous that this guy is charging $20 per dog.
    I really doubt the dog owners know what is happening otherwise, they would probably just send their dogs to doggie day care or have a neighbor help them out.

  • Vonstallin

    From what i’ve seen huge dog walkings have always been the norm…man yall really just like to complain. it might not even be cost effective for him to walk 4 to 5 at a time. i bet is the dogs chose to walk with 4 or 5 of 15 they would naturaly pick whats normal for them…large packs.

    we have made dogs into b.itches…wait…

    looks like one big ol field trip to me….

  • I think this picture doesn’t get Wayans point accross as this dude is clearly Ceaser Milaning the shit out of those dogs. Making moot the point that this is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • I’d worry about the poop too. The thing is, stating off-hand that he “couldn’t possibly do” this or that is unsubstantiated. Maybe he can do all the things people are worried about. I’ve never followed him around, watching his every move.

    Aren’t dogs supposed to run in packs? Seems to me this is a lot more natural (which I would assume is also healthier) than isolating them. The dogs in the picture seem fine.

  • Vonstallin for the win. dogs are pack animals and are probably loving the hell out of their walks. you really think they would me more stoked to walk with just the dude alone? As long as the handler is talented with dogs. And this guy clearly is. Then whats the problem? At the core of this complaint I think its not about the dogs at all. Just the fact that this dude probably pulls in 50k a year walking dogs. And that makes people bitter.

  • aw Says:
    November 3rd, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    who is this pansy wayan? i hate people that want to put pillows on everything


  • PoP, You should become a dog walker on the side to supplement your meager blogging funds! You would be the most popular dog walker east of 16th St!

  • I think the poop naysayers are thinking that you have to carry the poop back to your house or something. But scooping 14 poops over the course of an hour and depositing them in the nearest trash can is really not that much of a bother. And Id argue that dog walkers are much more diligent than the average dog owner about picking it up. They know there are more eyes on them and people would be quicker to complain

  • Vonstallin

    shit.. from the picture looks like he might be scouping up some poopie when his pic was taken….

    most should be glad the service is offered…I honestly didnt know their was one in this area.

  • I am Wayan and I have a dog, love my dog, and even organize Dog Walk Halloweens for dogs. I have both paid people to walk my dog and board my dog. I am very happy that my dog walker only walks 2-4 dogs at a time – max. And I am willing & happy to have them charge market prices for that service.

    What galls me about this guy is that the dog owners don’t know he’s pulling 14 at a time, and there is no way he can control or clean up after them – a dog-tastrophy in the making that will get all dog owners & supports stepping in poop and taken to the kennel.

    And yes, Pierce, he should be in the official dog park, but not with 14 dogs. That would have me even more mad, because he would be directly imperiling that dog park and all future ones as well.

  • wow pop, you really made my day! between the post on derek (ive really been feeling oppressed lately by the DC man, so it was great to hear all the responsible, dare i say conservative, readers come out of the wood work and take that ass hat to task), then the faux derek on the littering post (gotta love that) and now with the introduction of my new favorite catch phrase from anonymous 4:31 (ceaser milaning the shit out of those dogs), i can go home happy.

  • Vonstallin – he was not picking up poop. He was trying to re-leash a dog. When I came upon the scene he had several dogs running loose. Only after I asked him what he was doing walking so many dogs, and dogs off-leash did he start to re-leash them.

    Anonymous 4:40 pm & Anonymous 4:27 pm- Agreed, dog walkers are usually much better than owners at picking up poop. But I challenge you to pick up poo while being pulled by 14 excited dogs. Its hard enough when just walking one who sees a squirrel.

    Anonymous 4:37 pm – Happy the guy makes money walking dogs, may he make bank. But no dog handler can control 14 dogs at once if something happens – dog gets loose or hurt. And just how do you get by his pack on the sidewalk?

    Jimmy D – Dogs run in packs – love it actually. So I take my dog to an indoor boarding that has her run with many, or a dog park that has her fenced in, to pack to her delight. Dogs also get into fights in packs – and you have to separate them before the other dogs join in. How can you do that with 14?

    Dead Presidents – Got both bases covered. I have a child and a dog, and I happen to want a city that has playgrounds -and- dog parks.

  • DC has gone dog crazy. No I don’t want your dog coming over to sniff my shoes, leg, etc. I shouldn’t have to cross the street because you cant control one dog, much less 14, no matter how cute you think they are.

  • Haha, $20 a day? Five days a week? FIVE GRAND a year? I love dogs but know I don’t have the time to put in walking one every day, so I haven’t gotten one yet. Nothing against it if you want to, but I can’t imagine laying down that kind of cash for a pet. What would I spend at happy hour?

  • Actually he’s not allowed in the dog park. The dog park has a 2 dog/ person max limit which is what’s considered controllable and pro dog walkers aren’t allowed in the parks anyway. The groups that run the parks for the city will ask you to leave then call the cops.

    However, he’s on the sports field..which is also ILLEGAL. You’re not allowed to walk pets on fields where kids might play (kids are more susceptible to catching the worm that un-wormed dogs carry which can cause blindness….I saw it last week on discovery or animal planet). So, he’s breaking the law and giving bad service. Ultimately it’s up to the dog owner to decide if this is cool with him/her or not. It’s no one elses business.

  • One other ramification — in all likelihood, whoever gets picked up last for this massive expedition has 13 other dogs in their apartment. I don’t mind it when my walker brings one other dog to my place, but 13? It’s gross, and my neighbors would not be happy with me.

  • Interesting to hear Wayan say he spoke to the guy–I’m glad to hear you spoke with him before taking his picture and creating this post. Did you verify everything you mentioned in your original post? Was he actually a dog walker with 14 clients? Was he not picking up feces? Were the owners unaware of what he was doing? Was he charging $20? Was he telling the owners that they were getting solo walks or walks with fewer dogs?

    I’m not trying to be a jerk–I just see everyone spouting opinions here without anyone having any idea what the guy was doing and under what circumstance/pretext. Seeing a guy walking 14 dogs doesn’t necessarily mean he is a scam artist. Sure, good excuses are thin, but facts first, please. Opinions second.

  • wayan how do you know what the owners think or know? it looks TO ME like he knows what he’s doing from the photo………of course thats my “projection”..! i feel before you put this all over the internet it may have been a fairer discussion if you had spoken to him first.

  • I’m all about the guy making a buck, but like others have said, this is an accident waiting to happen. All it takes is one moody dog to set off an entire dog park…

  • I own a local dog walking company and what this person is doing is giving the profession an extremely bad name. I have seen this person in 90 degree weather dragging small dogs with big dogs. When you have this many dogs it means they are out for a long time picking them all up. Dogs should not be in the heat for that long. Especially the dogs I saw, 4 month old puppies, etc. The smaller dogs get dragged by the larger dogs because the leashes are all tangled into one big leash. It makes it extremely hard for them to do their business. When I saw him, a small dogs leash was dropped, he didn’t notice it until the little dog ran up in front of him. The law only permits 3 dogs at a time in any dog park in the city so he is breaking the law and endangering people and dogs at the same time. The dogs are not enjoying themselves trust me. These people are not getting what they are paying for. The good thing is, two other walkers that have run their business like this have recently both been arrested and all their dogs taken to animal control and their owners were called. The owners were not aware of what was going on. My walkers AT MOST walk 3 dogs at a time and that is rare. We are insured, are members of professional dog walking and pet sitting groups. We take dog walking extremely seriously just like any other business. People treat their animals like their children and spend a lot of time and money on them. If I knew someone was taking a risk with my dog’s life and being irresponsible and breaking the law I would be furious as an owner and a community member.

  • I had to fire my dogwalker for enjoying my bar. Now I don’t have one, and I like the extra $14/day in my pocket. I think my dog hated him anyway…

  • despite all the controversy… that is a hella cute picture.

  • Thanks for pointing this out Wayan

  • I would be furious if I found out that my dog walker was walking my dog like this. I have a little one and she would likely be trampled by a pack like this! And if she was let off leash, she would likely BOLT away from the pack. Makes me sick to think of what might happen to her if she was walked by this guy, and let off leash.

  • Holy Moly Dogman. I love dogs, and they should all be free to play together and run around. Really, and without fences and leashes! I mean it. But 2-3 at a time please! And only if they are friends.

    First of all, dog owners in this city have more pull than parents so we better all get used to it. Ever watch your toddler reaching for a dog poo in a place they should not have to worry about (like everywhere), seeing our open space devoted to canines instead of humans (one park by one), allowing them to run around unleashed in the presence of babies at the park (almost every time I’m there). It’s really good most dogs don’t like biting kids in the face given how many disrepectful dog owners there are around this city! How about tax money for schools and not high class dog parks for the nouveau chic to go to be seen. Pay per poop facilities that help fund schools! Or if we could only train the rats to eat the poop! And of course we all love the poop in the grooves of the shoe after getting out of the car, fu*&ers!

    Woof woof!

  • I applaud all the poop talk, and also the verb “Cesar Milaning”, and “dog-tastrophy”. well done.

  • I used to live in China and the dogwalkers there walk 5 times the number of dogs easily. Not only that, but at the end of their shift they are allowed to keep one of them for dinner for their family.

  • Yes! Dogs rule over kids in DC! Fabulous. Cause frankly I am sick and tired of paying a shi#load (no pun intended) of my income in taxes for crappy schools and somebody else’s snotty kids. So for all the whiners about their kids, be grateful that the general public pays for you to procreate.

    Now if I could just figure out how to claim my dogs as exemptions….

  • I’m the Beagle in the above photo, so I thought I’d chime in. That guy who walks us is an asshole. While I don’t have a problem keeping up with the other guys, some of the younger, smaller dogs end up getting dragged along. And he doesn’t pick up our crap at all. I’ve attempted to bring up the issue with my owners many times, but they just look at me and scratch behind my ears. And trust me, smelling dog ass would be a lot more enjoyable without 13 other dogs crowded so tightly around me.

  • Hello Eric, how are you amigo? Thanks for sharing those pics, I had no idea Buenos Aires had so many dog walkers. This profession or trade is not very common in the South….


  • I think its this guy

    Just look at the photos on his page to see that this is the norm.

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