Suicide at McPherson Square Metrorail station

Photo from PoPville flickr user cacophony76

Thanks to a reader for the heads up. Sadly these incidents are all too common of late. From a WMATA press release:

The McPherson Square Metrorail station is closed temporarily while Metro Transit Police conduct an investigation into a fatality on the tracks. Free shuttle buses are taking customers around the incident at Federal Triangle, Metro Center and Farragut West Metrorail stations. Trains are going through the station without stopping to pick up or discharge customers. McPherson Square serves both the Blue and Orange Lines.

The preliminary police investigation indicates that at 8:35 p.m. (November 16) a man intentionally placed himself into the path of an oncoming Blue Line train that was headed in the direction of Franconia-Springfield Metrorail station. He was struck by the train and died of his injuries.

Police officials are continuing their investigation. The station is expected to reopen later tonight and will be open for regular service on Tuesday morning.

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  • What an asshole, I feel sorry for the other people on the platform and my heart goes out to the poor driver.

  • lack of compassion never suprises me any more

  • Rob is a sicko.

  • One one hand I fell sorry for the person that they got to this point but on the other hand I really and truly don’t.

    I’m sorry, but this was a totally and completely selfish act on their part.

    Because of this act, now the driver of the train – and all the people who were on the platform – has do deal with the emotional consequences that he became part of because he just happened to be the driver of that metro train. The person that committed suicide just committed a totally selfish act by passing some of his misery on to someone else and I don’t think I am being mean. I am going to save my compassion for the driver and other witnesses and hope they get past this.

  • Agreed with ET. Rob may not have been compassionate in his delivery, but this was a selfish act in every conceivable way.

  • Not too get into the melodrama here, and yes suicides are selfish acts, but as a suicide victim’s friend, I remember how awful they felt on the inside every single day of their life. When they blew their head off with a shotgun, they said in their note now I look how I feel. Then I could understand, not forgive them, but understand them.
    Everytime I hear about these awful metro suicides I remember that.

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