Speaking of Farmers Markets – Meeting on Bringing One to Columbia Heights


Thanks to all who wrote in about this meeting. From the email:

“The Columbia Heights Community Marketplace, a volunteer organization, is working on bringing back the farmers market to Columbia Heights! The idea is the market would include a farmers market with produce, etc, fun and entertainment as well as booths for community service organizations! We’re having a community meeting this Saturday to solicit community feedback, ideas and hopefully participation in this exciting effort!

Please join us for a PLANNING MEETING about the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace!

When: Saturday, November 21 10am-12pm

Where: SCORE Educational Center, 3233 14th Street (On the Civic Plaza – by Juila’s Empanadas)

Why: To learn what our vision is, to have your say in what the market should be like and to get involved”.

I think we’ve briefly discussed this before but do you think a Farmers Market would be successful on the new Columbia Heights Plaza?

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  • Isn’t there a farmers market, two streets over @ Mt. Pleasant and Lamont?

  • I can’t see this taking off with a very nice and successful farmers market 2-3 blocks away!

    It would make FAR FAR more sense to put it closer to Petworth/Park View so that the folks for whom the Mt. Pleasant and U Street markets are out of comfortable walking-while-carrying-groceries distance could also patronize it.

  • I would love to see a market that is closer to Petworth/Park View but am happy to hear news about one coming to Columbia Heights. There are old signs where the new CVS is being built that indicate that a Petworth Farmers Market once existed. Does anyone know what happened to it?

  • You want to post an organic farmer’s market right in front of Giant? That would be an interesting and certainly political affair. Sort of like you want to throw eggs and chant quotes from Michael Pollan.

  • I don’t think they’re saying they want it in front of Giant, they just want to have a meeting about it. I think it’s a great idea. It doesn’t say anything on here about location, so maybe putting it North Columbia Heights, closer to Petworth/Park View, would be an option.

    Anything that helps support local farmers and bring healthier food choices to the area is an asset!

  • Put it on 11th Street, it needs something other than bars.

  • I wonder if it would be feasible to have it Thursday evening to try to capture the post-work rush.

  • I am not sure of any CH space large enough and open enough to accomodate the market other than the plaza. The plaza seems to make a ton of sense on multiple levels … my sense is that is where they are planning to locate it in any event. There is no space on 11th sufficient or appropriate for a farmer’s market.

  • Giant is encouraging and supporting the Farmers Market. It’s only a Metro Stop away or 1/4mile walk away. BTW, the city should scrap its support for the CVS and have the site anchor a Georgia Ave/Petworth Civic Plaza similar to Columbia Heights.

  • If they can have one on the sidewalk on U Street, they can have one on the sidewalk on 11th Street.

  • The farmer’s market is not going to be located on 11th Street, it’s already planned to be on the plaza, so stop trying to push your own agenda, voiceofreason. When are you going to open that chocolate shop already?
    And, W Jordon aka Bronat, this is a post about the farmer’s market in Columbia Heights, try not to hijack the thread and turn this into a discussion on the planned CVS in Petworth.

  • The sidewalk on 11th Street is tiny. no one would be able to walk up and down. The U Street market is near the Reeves Center where there is a ton of concrete space. The civic plaza is also much more centralized, accessible to public transportation, attractive, etc.

    In all events, only in D.C., and even in D.C., only voice of no reason, would continually bitch about a formerly mostly-vacant two block commercial stretch that happens to have 4-5 places to enjoy a drink, some live music, and or some good food. We have one tiny entertainment district in Columbia Heights (I do not count 14th street which is more along the lines of big scale retail, fast food, and so on). I realize vor thinks no one who lives in cities should have any place to go other than kite stores and methadone clinics, but the vast majority of city residents actually enjoy close proximity to food, alcohol, and entertainment options. CH STILL has a paucity of such options relative to most other DC neighborhoods, let alone compared to a more typical urban environment. The last thing we need is REDUCING the already-barely-sufficient volume (look how packed Redrocks, Room 11, and Wonderland get, especially on a nice day or a weekends) of going-out options.

  • I’m in favor and will attend the meeting. Mt Pleasant has one and thier plaza is about the same size as CH plaza I believe. Anyone know for sure? Petworth used to have one at least 3 years ago as I used to help a friend who managed a booth. Not sure what happened to it. The site it was on I believe is not occupied.

  • There was some initial effort to put a Farmers Market on 11th St.. A portion at Tubman Elementary and another portion at what is today the unofficial Dog Park. Any of the previous markets where lost because the nonprofit group “something” Harvest disbanded which provided alot of support for these markets.

    The CH Market will likely extend beyond the triangle portion of the plaza to the adjoining sidewalks immediately across the street. Maybe even the mini-plaza forming at 14th & Irving next to Highland Park. One of the reason for this planning session is to open the process to be more inclusive and transparent, as well to get community buy-in and other ideas.

    In the future maybe extending to the park at 14th & Oak. But for now the focus is on the core plaza and starting in the Spring. Again this process is open although focused on getting out of the box for this Spring.

  • I thought this was a planning meeting to discuss options. If everything has already been decided, why even go?

  • I’ll never understand why people in CH can’t stand to walk over to Mt. P St. Is it really too far? The farmer’s market is lovely…
    I mean, if you put one in on a different day and time — a weeknight, perhaps — I could see that. It still seems a little redundant.

  • I agree that it should make every effort not to directly compete, in terms of time and day, with Mount Pleasant (which I have gone to in the past and is nice …)

  • Who is the “Columbia Heights Community Marketplace Committee” anyway?

  • The concept of the Farmers Market at the civic plaza and beyond began with the CH Public Realm Design in 2002/03. The Streetscape plan was designed with the Farmers Market in mind. However, much has changed and things have evolved so new input and ideas are needed to make the effort relevent to 2009/10. For example it was planned that the site which now contains Allegro would include public space which might include a portion of the market or a community garden. So, nothing is firm and input is needed and real. Plus you get to meet more of your neighbors, which is what the Market and Plaza are really all about.

    In terms of Mt. Pleasant. The Farmers Market is just one element of the CH Civic Plaza.

  • I’m always in favor of more farmer’s markets. I would just hope that they would do it on some day other than Saturday, so that it doesn’t directly compete with the Mt. Pleasant market (and also so folks in both neighborhoods can have more options – and go to the one – or both – that work best for them).

  • columbia heights residents can all walk to the MtP farmers market. putting one in Petworth, Park View, or Tivoli North would allow a lot more people to have a farmers market in walking distance.

  • I agree that putting one further east might be more beneficial, both for the people in those neighborhoods, and for the current market in MtP. Wouldn’t having another market a mere three blocks away threaten the viability of both?

  • I doubt this would make any difference even if it is on the same day.

    The Mt. Pleasant Farmers market is such an oasis from the rest of DC, there is no way Columbia Heights plaza could compete with the Mt. Pleasant farmer’s market. Just see how loud and busy those streets are. Might be good for the farmers to make more sales, but the atmosphere from Lamont park cannot be replaced on 14th St., there is just way too much road traffic and noise there.

  • Everyone is being totally unrealistic. We need to have the market on the roof of the Woodner. I’ve talked to management. Let’s make this happen.

  • Affordable. Produce.

  • With the fountains off I’m guessing you could fit 30-40 10×10 stands in the CH Plaza. Sure to attract tons of people visiting the Target and Giant. I just hope it has a wide variety of items, and not 100% Hispanic food vendors like the Farmers Market in Adams Morgan. Aside from a horchata, not much interestes me there…

  • The market in Adams Morgan is not a Farmer’s Market. It’s a Latino food and crafts market, designed that way to serve the community, cut back on unlicensed/rouge vendors, and foster some culture.

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