Senor Chicken Sign Now Officially Complete


And with the addition of this sweet section of their sign, I have nothing more to add to Park Road’s newest Peruvian Chicken spot, Senor Chicken…

On a totally unrelated note, man Sunday was beautiful and I realized while I’ve admired Rock Creek Park before, I’ve never appreciated the actual creek. It is looking fantastic:


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  • What excellent American urban planning was planned and executed in the preservation of this meandering creek through this huge swath of land down the middle of this federal city known as Rock Creek Park.

    All urban cities should enjoy such. Thanks Prince for reminding us of this part of the beautiful life.

  • lots of “urban cities” do enjoy such. first one to come to mind is central park in NYC. the thing about rock creek park and DC is that it’s AMAZING that they actually got something right in this town. *that* is mind boggling, to be sure.

  • passing through the park is like a brief break from DC.

    That sign: El Catrin meets El Gallo.

  • Vonstallin

    I partake in this amazing sight on a regular. Sunday was so awsome. Did my normal 34 mile bicycle ride and the trails wasn’t uber crowded. I love my city…always have, always will.

    To live and Die in DC….

  • i drive through the park to get to work…
    it’s a nice little sanctuary, sandwiched between the stress of getting from 14th to 16th street, and everything i have to deal with after!

  • PoP: This is the best post you’ve ever put on your blog. You completely made my day. You have a gift for the je ne sais quois

  • Je ne said quoi

  • je ne sais quoi

  • Thanks for highlighting the chicken-dandy! When I walked by here the other day, I didn’t notice the bird, but I did notice the grammatical error on the sign (uh-oh!)

    It says, “Pollo a ala brasa” instead of just “a la brasa”

    Not the biggest deal in the world, just something that I happened to see.

  • Yes the creek is mostly beautiful. But how about the part behind Mt. Pleasant which is one of the sanitary sewer overflow areas? That is not so great.

    And speaking about that section of the park (Piney Branch Road), do other people who are entering the park from Petworth/CH/14th st. find it stressful to walk/run/bike into the park via this road? The sidewalk is so narrow are the cars speed by. (This is especially not fun with a dog that occasionally likes to chase cars.)

    Perhaps come spring time, we can all get together and create a path on the other side of the sanitary overflow creek, to create a bit more pleasant entrance to the park?

  • I’ve been appreciating the actual creek for a long time, and it IS looking fantastic, PoP. It’s lost a little weight around the middle and really punched up its wardrobe this Fall. Seems to be taking its meds, too, because it was in a really good mood when I stopped by yesterday with my kids. Best of all, NPS finally invested in digital, surround-sound audio, so it sounds awesome! Anybody who hasn’t checked it out for a while definitely should. It’s free! Thanks for pointing it out.

  • poo poo, its funny you compare rock creek to central park. you can thank the Olmsteds for that 🙂

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