Senor Chicken Opening Very Soon But Not Yet


There have been some false reports today that Senor Chicken has opened up on Park Road just west of 14th Street in Columbia Heights. On Sunday I saw some folks in the store but the doors were locked. While talking to them through the window they said they were not open but would be opening soon. I said, next week? They replied, soon. I walked by today at 1:30pm and the door was locked but there was soda in the fridge so they should be opening any day now.

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  • Senor Chicken? Do they only sell rooster meat or something? Yummmmm!

  • That’s some good Spanglish right there. I eagerly await the arrival of the competing “Mister Pollo”.

  • where’s the tilde??

  • Well, there was a big round of applause at last week’s meeting with the mayor for the announcement of the first minority owned business in DC USA

    Also, the mayor said he would like to attend the opening.

  • I’m sure Mayor Fenty will show up with his bicycle posse, along with police escort messing up traffic on 14th Street. Cue Marc Segraves popping out with his video camera. Fenty turns red with anger and darts off on his bike toward mommy and daddy’s place in Mt. Pleasant. Curses! Foiled again! Not to worry, though, Council Member Graham pulls up and parks his flesh-colored Beetle convertible illegally on Irving Street, with his latin pal Ted Loza riding shotgun.

  • Has anyone else noticed their sign looks really, really similar to Pollo Sabroso’s which is like 20 feet away? They even have a little circle to the left of the lettering with a rooster dressed up as a person in it, just like Pollo Sabroso’s. It’s incredibly funny actually. Does anyone know how Pollo Sabroso feels about all this?

  • You can get a quarter chicken meal at Pollo Sabroso for $5.25 including tax. this place is gonna have to be damn good to best that deal.

  • Taste’s like Spring Break!! Get it… Senor Frog’s. Get it… Frog and chicken. Yeah, you got it.

  • Vonstallin

    they serve good steak subs also…I actualy get a Chicken and Steak mix sub on days when I can’t choose which one to get. Not a fan of Yuka but they have some good looking ones. The fries are great. I know its odd to talk about how good the fries are, but nowa days eveyone ignore the fries and under cook them or do like the chinese carryouts and double fry them.

    Ill be on my bicycle making my way up once it opens.

  • Nothing wrong with a twice-fried fry! That’s how the Flemish do it, and their fry dominance has led to riches and glory beyond their wildest dreams.

    Vive Vlaanderen.

  • Vonstallin

    but the ones from the carryout end up being either soggy with oil, or super had all the way thru and oily…

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