Senor Chicken Officially Open!

photo, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to all for writing in. Senor Chicken on Park Road just west of 14th St. has officially opened up on Friday. We’ll follow up on how the food is later. But if anyone checks it out be sure to let us know what you think.

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  • I checked out Senor Pollo today and did a posting on my DC area cheap eats blog about it…check it out!

  • just ate there…thought the chicken was pretty good as peruvian chicken goes, though more of a charcoal flavor than sabroso or pollo rico.

    Price is very reasonable, and I’m looking forward to trying the steak as well as the mixed grill offering, which includes chicken, steak, chorizo. This is also the only place in the immediate area that serves gyros, so I’m looking forward to trying that, though I note that there was no spinning meat to be found, so you can expect a pre-sliced, likely froze gyro.

    I agree that the fries needed some salt, but there was salt on the counter and this is easily remedied.

    All in all I’m optimistic, and I don’t think the presence of pollo sabroso a few doors down is such a big deal. Park Road could become a destination peruvian chicken district, with salvadorean fried chicken also available close by.

  • we ate there tonight …. food was good … but note … only takes cash … no credit cards accepted! …. nice to have another selection in the neighborhood

  • Aren’t there two other chicken places within a single block? What’s the point?

  • I still think it’s a lame-ass name. Plus (to Anonymous at 6:43pm): “another selection”?! Of the same stuff you find around the corner?

  • Had food there this weekend. Thought it was ok…I do not think I would go back….

  • great photo with the arrow pointing towards the entrance! ha!

  • Stopped by there last week. While not as good as El Pollo Rico, it’s nice to have a place like this in the neighborhood.

  • I thought it was really good.

  • this place rocks! 4 star on yelp!

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