Sculpture at 5th and K Streets, NW

IMG_0692, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

We looked at this sculpture outside the City Visa Busboys & Poets last week. But as promised I wanted to show some daytime photos of it. When I stopped by there was still a bit of work going on. But I gotta agree with some original comments, I’m not sure I’m feeling this one. I’ll be very curious to check it out when it’s completely finished.


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  • Well, considering what was at that corner and block a year or two ago, it seems to me, a vast improvement overall, I guess, if you like the high rise expansion that has been happening, certainly brings in the beautiful people, in yellow. Wish they had more restaurant choices in that new plaza complex.

  • I posted the original photo. I do not think the progress has made this much better….just more like a dayglow yellow crustacean.

    I am all for public art, even bad public art. I guess I will support this structure, although all those posts seem to being doing that quite well.

    As for restaurants in the complex, Taylor’s is awesome. There is a Japanese place slated to open. With the crawfishesque beauty of the sculpture I would say a Cajun place should be next.

  • Wow, that is ugly.

  • If I owned Busboys, I wouldn’t be happy. The sculpture blocks their sign all the way down 5th street.

  • In that second photo it looks like Superman.

  • like it. wierd that so many people seem to get offended by art they wouldn’t pick themselves. Who cares. more are the better. some you’ll like some you won’t.

  • Does anyone know who the sculptor/designer of this piece is?

  • In person it kind of looks like a cockroach. Ugh.

  • Let me guess: The DC Arts and Humanities Commission funded and chose this monstrosity.

  • Looks like a crumpled post-it note.

  • There was a commercial that used to be on tv a lot a few years ago. It was a psa for funding for the arts in schools and it had this little kid who didn’t have art in school and so he was this really, really rational, mature-for-his-years, not especially “joyful”, but mostly totally normal, if a little one-note kid. It was supposed to be a cautionary tale. I had to watch it several times before I got it because there didn’t seem to me to be anything wrong with the kid, so I wasn’t sure what the point was. When I finally “got it” I realized that my confusion was because that kid is a lot like me. I don’t “get” this sort of thing. I don’t necessarily think it’s ugly, I definitely don’t think it’s attractive – I just don’t understand the point. I don’t understand the point of putting something with no use in a perfectly fine open space. Open space is nice and uncluttered, why ruin that with something that serves no purpose? I guess I do find it fascinating that there are people who actually look at this and feel something – love, hate, whatever – rather than the indifference and/or confusion that strike me when I see something like this. (I don’t really get murals either. I don’t hate them, but I don’t understand the point. This is all probably why I have next to nothing on my walls at home.)

  • If I lived in a Vista condo right above it I would eventually come to hate it

  • Maybe they were inspired by the Transformer movie.

  • Sucks that it totally blocks BusBoys and Poets. Its really quite ugly and I wouldn’t want to look at that thing while enjoying a nice meal out on their patio….what a blower.

  • Looks like something that you’d step on by accident and as you were pulling it out of your bloody foot you’d yell, “Who the f— left this on the floor???”
    Or maybe an airplane that crashed into a bulldozer?
    Is that lower part a bench? A backhauler? Maybe a portal to a very un-human-friendly dimension.

  • It would be tolerable if it just wasn’t the color of urine.

  • Of course, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But people have said the EXACT same things about past artwork lauded as masterpieces now.

    Your children, or children’s children might think something different.

  • I’m kind of liking the inkblot-like quality to this sculpture, maybe everyone sees something different in it? In the second pic it looked to me like an ice skater (with its front arm and back leg extended and supported by columns).

  • divine, we dont have our grandchildren’s opinions, we have our own. they’re gonna see someone draw a straight like without an Apple product and they’ll piss themselves with confusion. those yet to be born miscreants dont know shit about quality art work.

    and its not like this kind of sculpture is visionary. part of why it sucks is because its rehash, from a still crappier time. my father didnt like this kind of sculpture, and my fathers father didn’t.
    My aunt likes it, but she collects hummels and crap, so she doesn’t count.
    anyway, thats how long this kind of shit has been going down. its the urban renewal brutalism of sculpture. and not even the good weird soviet kind.

    this piece fornicates with donkey genitalia.

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