Random Reader Veteran’s Day Revel


Many of us have friends and/or family serving or having served. Let’s take a moment to thank them for their service.

To my buddy Mike – keep up the good work brother, we’re all proud of you.

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  • Anyone know what’s up with the Mount Pleasant Forum? It’s been down for a few days now.

  • Does anyone actually have this holiday off?

  • Thanks to my grandfather, a Sergeant Major and decorated veteran who fought in Korea and Vietman, and is buried in Arlington. He shunned our side of the family because my dad was divorced from the wife my grandfather liked and married my mom, an avid protester of the Vietnam War. Thanks for serving and protecting our country–that’s about all that I CAN thank you for…

    So, there’s a rant, I guess.

  • My husband and the daycare have the day off…but not me. My friend says her boss called and told her he needed her in the office today, so she’s sitting there by herself working and he’s not even checking his e-mail, jerk.

    Thank you Dad for serving in the Navy during Korea. With high math scores, he goofed around in San Diego until they sent him to DC for “the most miserable six months of his life” to do encryption for the NSA. Miserable because in the 1950’s the barracks weren’t air conditioned and he spent weekends at the movie theater catching triple features to get out of the DC heat. But the GI bill helped pay for UC Berkeley, so it’s all good.

  • Thanks to my Dad (Vietnam), my grandpa (WWII) and my brother in law (Iraq) for putting their lives at risk to serve their country.

    My Grandpa was very proud of his military service and was active in the local VFW…. very patriotic in a humble way not the “we are better than everyone else way.” He passed way on Veteran’s day 06 and it was very symbolic for the life that he had lead.

  • It’s funny- my dad volunteered (wasn’t drafted) during Vietnam. Did two tours, saw most of the south pacific from an aircraft carrier, treated (he’s a doctor) some of the worst war injuries and illnesses imaginable… Yet… Because he never actually set foot on Vietnam’s soil, he doesn’t consider himself a veteran. I always thought that was odd.

  • Revel: Simba the cat is home!!!

    Rant: I’m at work not playing with him.

    Revel: My dad for fighting in the Vietnam War and surviving long enough to have me 🙂

  • A shout out to my coworker’s two sons and daughter-in-law in Iraq, Germany and Korea. I remember the boys running around the office when they were 5 and 3. Where have the years gone? Please, please come home safe!

  • My father served in Korea and my grandfather was in the Navy during WWII (& survived Pearl Harbor). Thanks to them and all who serve.

  • My dad (RIP) – who may have been the only serviceman in WWII to go AWOL the last day of his service, when the MPs had to drag him out of a 3 day card came in Casablanca to put him on the ship for home. (He had actually been on liberty, but forgot what day it was.)

  • Don’t forget Frank Buckles, who served in World War I, the last surviving US veteran, who lives near Charles Town, West Virginia on a farm.

  • Happy to hear Simba came home 🙂

  • Good Old Uncle Leonard. WWII. In France, says he traded coffee for a girl.

    “Don’t embarrass me”, he’d say jokingly. “Happy Birthday”, as he buys you another drink. What a generation….

  • (This is late b/c I had the day off yesterday and spent it away from the computer.)

    Thanks to my Grandpa for fighting the battle of Fort Bragg (he never made it to the war b/c of a heart condition). Thanks to my Grandfather who was a naval aviator in WW2 and fought in the South Pacific. And thank you draft gods for giving my Dad a high number, so he didn’t have to go to war in Vietnam.

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