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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this long holiday weekend?

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  • Problems with the redesign. Specifically:
    – no way to go from one post to the next without returning to the home page.
    – “recent comments” just shows the start of the comment, not the thread it was left in. I’d like to return to the “WDC on Random Reader etc” format.
    – still getting the inapproprite “slow down” message (like when I haven’t posted in hours).
    – hard to navigate on blackberry, but mostly because of the first two problems above.
    – I DO like that my captcha word below is “seducer”.

  • I think it’s stupid that the renovated Bruce School leaves the lights on all night, every night. I don’t want my tax dollars going to their electric bill.

    Also it’s really hard to see the “Captcha” words to type on a handheld

  • rant:
    the Church on 14th and maybe Allison or Buchanan NW (not sure of the cross street) has some kind of huge, seeping, permanent water leak that has transformed the sidewalk into a slick, green pool of slime mold.

    awesome homemade tikka masala for lunch!

  • Rant – Not a fan of the new layout. Too busy, doesn’t look as crisp as the old one.

  • I do not like the new layout of this site (too busy and difficult to navigate) and will definitley visit the site much less.

  • I am still in favor of the new layout overall, but I do find it frustrating that the site is much slower to navigate than it used to be. It seems each click takes 2-3X as long to load as before the revamp.

  • Definitely didn’t notice the new layout until… today. How long has it been up? I’m almost a 100% RSS reader of PoP.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Redesign has been up for a week but I’m still working out a few kinks. Thanks for the patience!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I am woefully behind on my candy consumption. I read yesterday that the average American eats 1/2 a pound a week (or was it a pound?)! I east like a piece of candy every 2 weeks.

    Real Rant: My sugar consumption is prolly on par or greater than the average American.

  • Rave: PoP get together this Wednesday 7:30 pm at Lauriol Plaza – everyone welcome! We’ll meet at the first floor bar; wear your PoP t-shirts if you have them – that way we can pick out each other! Unfortunately I do not have one, but I will be on the lookout for everyone else 🙂

    PoP – if you want you can post this to the main page. I hope you can come too!

  • I have been in DC for two years and have never seen a white or Hispanic metro worker. I have seen two white escalator repair guys in the two years I have been here. Why is that, anybody know what the deal is? Just seems kinda odd to me. They had an article in the paper back when the “caught on phone” things were going on saying some bus drivers make up to 6 figure salaries so I would assume it is not a salary issue.

  • Huge Rave: The total lack of obligations I have at this time of year. I had an inbox full of “cyber monday” promotional emails in the email account I use for such things and deleted every last one of them because my gift buying obligations extend solely to my father, with whom I have developed a tradition of exchanging checks. If I see something for someone while I’m out shopping, then I pick it up – but I don’t feel required to buy everyone I know crap they don’t want or need just because of the date on the calendar. No expectations = Happy Holidays!

    Thanksgiving was relaxing and wonderful here in DC, casually dropping by friends’ houses and a few neighborhood watering holes, rather than having to travel “over the river and through the woods.” It makes it way easier to enjoy this time of year when it’s completely on my terms, and I’m never reminded more of that than during this Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

  • RAVE: Finally cancelled Comcast cable and bought a digital antenna! I am soooo happy with the results and realized I was paying $65/month for HGTV.

    RANT: In retaliation, Comcast DOUBLED my internet cost.

    RANT: I’m somehow paying more for my internet service than my friend is paying for both a landline phone and internet… I HATE COMCAST. How can they just charge people whatever they feel like?

  • Alicia, Verizon DSL is like $15 per month if you already have a phone line. Can’t beat it…

  • Alicia – You do not need an active phone line for DSL. Ask for a “dry loop” DSL connection, they legally must give you DSL at the same cost.

  • “I have been in DC for two years and have never seen a white or Hispanic metro worker.”
    I have seen White, Hispanic, and even Asian metro workers in the field. And I guarantee that if you went to Metro headquarters you would find plenty of non-Black employees. I would not assume that something nefarious is going on. People are hired for jobs from the pool that applies for those jobs. Somehow, I think that if non-Black applicants were being denied jobs at Metro, we would have heard about it a long time ago.
    The people who repair escalators are not Metro employees. That work is contracted out to private firms.

  • I can’t make it to the Wed night PoP-outing because of the LSATs. If it was after December 5th, I’d be there. Not really a rant, but just pouting 😛 I’ll see you guys at Dan’s new year’s event!

    Rant: I wish I could squeeze some more emotion out of my boyfriend, and somehow get him to do more boyfriend-y things. It wouldn’t hurt to buy a girl a cheap bunch of flowers, you know!

    Rave: Almost done with Christmas shopping, and I can’t wait to buy a real tree this weekend!

  • am happy with the new website, but a big issue is that there is no way to go from one post to the next without returning to the home page.

  • @Kalorini – that’s right! Sorry 🙁 Good luck on your LSATs, and if you wanna grab a drink next week, post it on next Monday’s RRRoR! Agree with the whole boyfriend buying flowers thing… I had to drop mucho hints like “I’ve never gotten flowers from a boyfriend before!” or “Flowers would look so pretty right here” and I finally got roses for my birthday! Cheapo flower bunches on a whim are also super nice, alas I haven’t figured out how to drop those hints 🙂

  • All time record of 21 people crammed into the dining room for thanksgiving!

    Turkey soup and leftover stuffing are the best food in the world. Someone should open a restaurant serving leftovers.

    Does anyone actually LIKE Pumpkin pie?

    Why does Barbie need so many shoes? I’ve picked up 14 so far. . .

  • @Victoria, are you kidding? Of course people like – nee, LOVE – pumpkin pie! I pretty much love all things pumpkin, but pumpkin pie is at the top of that list. (And I don’t actually like pie as a concept, but I overlook it for pumpkin!)

  • @Victoria – yep I definitely LOVE pumpkin pie. Anything pumpkin, really. My mom made 4 pumpkin pies and there are only 4 people in my family…

  • Rant: Went to the movies for the first time in weeks and was assaulted by the proliferation of morons who light up their cell phones and talk all through the movie.

    Rave: The other people who also loudly chimed in their annoyance when I screamed, “Shut the F— up” and the usher who actually came up into the balcony and shined a light on the offenders while the rest of us rained down abuse. It was so much more entertaining than the movie.

  • @mal and @kalorini:

    just tell them a cheapo bunch or flowers when you’re having a crappy day or he just wants to would be wonderful! As long as they aren’t demanded it should work!

  • rant: comments on PoP seem more negative than usual lately — is everyone depressed right now or something?

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