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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • with the blade shutting down, DC no longer has a real newspaper. post is no longer a legitimate newspaper.

  • I did not get laid off. Yet.

  • What I have on my mind is that this website needs some control.
    I am very disappointed that PoP puts out minor issues that provoke a feeding frenzy of comments, like Tynans in CH, although I am guilty of commenting too freely as well.
    In this environment of blogs and commenting there is no restraint.
    I think PoP should sharpen (or develop) some editorial and journalistic skills.
    I know that I am not forced to read or comment on this site and in the last few months I have been tempted to say goodbye to it for its lightweight handling of all subjects under the sun of DC. So why do I still read it? Not sure. I am weakminded I guess, but I do like to read things about some of the development in CH where I live. Although I am not at all interested in restaurants and bars I like to see how the area is developing for the use of other CHers.
    I’d like to say keep up the good work, but what I really mean to say is try to do better.

  • I’d like to thank the maker of this blog for keeping it constantly updated. Lots of content here and interesting coverage of the entire city, not just Petworth.

    I’d also like to say that the streetscape renewal work on the 400 and 500 block of H St NE looks marvelous

    Can anyone explain why the streetcar tracks stop at the foot of the Hopscotch Bridge though? Seems they can close a lane of the Hopscotch and connect it to the parking garage in the rear of Union Station, no? How will this work?

  • Rant: Hearing how much fun my friend is having while living off of unemployment checks. He moved out to CO to “find a job” but has just been playing around living off the government for 8 months. He gets 6 more months of this, and has zero intention of finding a job until then. Just sucks that WE are all paying for him to do this. UGH. Love the kid – HATE the situation.

    Rave: TGIF.

  • Unemployment’s little f*cker of a friend should’ve gotten spanked more often growing up. Is he one of these little piss-ant f*cks who wants a gold star just for showing up to work (when he has a job to go to, that is) or for doing what he’s supposed to?

    Tell him to wipe his snotty nose and get a job!

  • Rave: Jason Ricci @ Madam’s Organ tonight!

  • Rant: Work is so busy!

    Rave: Sunday from 2-6 pm at The Soundry in Virginia–come see some awesome progressive metal bands! (http://www.soundry.net/2009/11/progfest-at-the-soundry/)

    Rave: I cannot wait until December 5th. Then I will be able to enjoy my free time again (without these LSATs looming over me)!

  • @TaylorStreetMan – Nah, he’s actually not one of those kinds, surprisingly. Kid got laid off and honestly tried to find another job. Couldn’t, then applied for Unelmployment and realized he got a TON OF CASH every week from them. He got lazy and thought he’d do better in CO….now he’s just gotten more lazy and is basking in the fun of his unemployment. He’ll be the first to admit its wrong – but he’s figured out the gravy train and he’s going to ride it until he can’t. Seems to be no reason not too. Sickens me to think about how many others just like him or worse there must be out there……..

    oh loopholes….

  • When you get unemployment checks, aren’t you just getting the money back from what you paid into unemployment insurance?

  • I thought Unemployment was capped at 6 months? can you really stay on it over a year? that seems a little ridiculous.

  • I was going to comment on something but I was too busy looking at the beautiful house used as the header for this Reader Rant/Rave. Yeah @Richard, I know its “a minor issue” but I don’t give a crap. I have a thing for architectural beauty espeically in a city that likes to tear down its treasures.

  • I thought there was a cap at a year – but apparently something was passed just recently that allows people on unemplyment to be on it even loger. I am completely ignorant to the policy but, that’s what my friend informed me – -and beleive me, he’s been on it for 8 months and intends to hang out with no job for another 6 months…..becuase he can.

  • RAVE: The Prince of Petworth reminds me daily to think about the beautiful life.
    RANT: There is too much not so beautiful down right awful life in this world.
    RAVE: 18th amendment Geaux Saints!

  • Rave: Help the Homeless Walkathon tomorrow and its supposed to be a nice day! (Last year was FREEZING!!!)

    Rant: Stupid boyfriend and his STUPID job that makes him work nights and miss EVERYTHING. (*sigh*…calm down…)

  • Kalorini – Good luck, kick ass on the LSAT! PLEASE do your research before committing to spend tuition $$$. (I am sure you already have)

    RANT – Weak college football schedule this weekend.
    RANT – Many leaves to rake.
    RAVE – I have a yard

  • I need answers

    How are these people making it past the screening process, just to get in the door and waste my time with an interview? wtf? does recruiting have a clue? Listen, If I have to ask you to walk me through a typical day, that is code for you are sucking at this interview. the disconnect between you and your resume’ is astounding. GTFO out of my office.

    Which one of you put that song from Less Than zero in my head last week? Huh? Its driving me nuts.

    How much does it cost to become a sugar daddy? I need a goal and hard numbers.

    let me know commentariate, for you are wise and strong, and “sensy”

  • Rave: PoP

    Rant: witnessed a hit and run (two cars, no pedestrians) last night

    Rave: called the cops and gave the license plate number! Stuck around until the cops showed up and talked to the other guy involved

    Rant: VOR, Publius, etc. who think I should be involved in raising other people’s children. Get it through your thick skull that if I don’t have kids, that probably means that I DON’T WANT THEM AROUND ME.

  • rave – hanging with my boys and some alcohol tonight, then maybe heading out

    rant – that damn red light at harewood and rock creek church…i dont think ive ever not been caught by it. wtf is it there for?!

  • I’ve been working for what seems 100 yrs and have never used unemployment bennies…I have prayed to be laid off when 2 companies I worked for were riffing people w/ no luck…let him use his bennies…he paid into them. Unfortunately there are fewer jobs out in CO than here, so that was a potentially bad choice. HOWEVER, he should ski/snowboard his butt of if he can.

    Rave: work is getting busy and super fun
    rave: having dinner w/ my bests friend tonight
    Rave: have 1.5 hrs left of work
    Rant: no rants

  • @Mal – good for you! I’m sure you made that driver happy by sticking around and snapping a mental picture of that other guy’s plates.

    That reminds me of another rave: I almost got into a car accident on Monday night, but my cat-like reflexes kicked in and avoided the guy that almost side swiped me. Still accident-free in DC 🙂

    @JoeEsq 74 – thanks for the moral support. I’m looking to head out west, at a school with a bar passage rate of 92%!

  • MTP forum has been down for over a week. I would wonder whats up with that but then if memory serves the notorious LC runs it. So probably someone just posted something criticle of her so she is simulating another “spam attack” as she has been know to do. Eventually the forum will go back up with the message “some messgages may have been lost due to spam attack”

  • Employees don’t pay unemployment insurance.

    Employers do. Rant:

    And the rates are escalating many fold like never before to the point I can’t hire anyone because my labor tax burden all told is now more than 50% of gross pay.

    It’s a vicious circle that is unsustainable.

    We can’t continue to over tax production to turn around and give it to the unproductive like Unemployment’s friend and by Congress’ continued endless appropriation and our increased requirements.

    -Unless you live in it takes a village or voice of reason’s collectivist world of misery where nobody has to work and provide for themselves or their own.

  • I’m going to pile on rg’s rant against recruiters: our NY-based recruiter once screened out every candidate who applied for a DC-based job if their resume listed a home address in Maryland or Virginia. We’re like, WTF?? And he’s like, well, do you pay relocation for this position?

  • @Anon338: Here here! We need a major overhaul on that system. I don’t know the logistics like you seem to, but it just seems like everyone should sustain themselves. No unemployment, social security, low-income housing, welfare, etc. etc. Set up your own 401k, 6 months unemployment fund, and be responsible for your own well being. I’m paying into this social security fund that will probably not exist by the time I retire in 40 years, paying into welfare/unemployment that I will never EVER use for my own sanity (yes I have a stash of savings that could support me if I need it); learn some responsibility people. Arrrrgh.

  • Rant: I went for a massage appointment yesterday, at apparently the shittiest place in town, and the masseuse was at the wrong location. And this wasn’t the first time either.
    Rave: The owner of the spa offered me a complimentary service,
    Rant: but only after I emailed them a far more eloquently written complaint than Tynans CH’s complaint.
    Rant: I’m not sure if I have the energy to try and go back, even if it is free.

  • OH! And I wanted to set up an adventure for the regulars here that are NICE (WDC, Emmaleigh, rg, Kalorini, TaylorStreetMan, christopher, Indc, etc etc) – want to meet up after the Thanksgiving holiday to have a few drinks? I missed the PoP party due to that terrible cold that’s going around, and I want to meet all of you!

  • Live fast and hard while you’re young and giddy, and try not to get stabbed or attacked with a tire iron while you’re at it. Today a coworker made an announcement: she has breast cancer.

  • @Mal – I think PoP is having a get-together after the new year, for those of us who missed the anniversary party! As noted before, my social calendar is nixed until December 6th!

  • @Kalorini – I know there’s another get together, I’m just impatient 🙂 Good luck with the LSATs!!

  • Kalorini
    “I’m looking to head out west, at a school with a bar passage rate of 92%!”

    Check employment at graduation rate too. Take a look at the lawyer blogs out there (abovethelaw.com etc.)

  • @Mal I like adventure!

  • Rant: work is uber slow and I cannot leave for another 1/2 hour.
    Rave: nobody here to catch me playing solitaire and reading blogs.

  • Aw, thanks Mal! I could be up for that. And thanks to today’s caption contest (runner up, though? really?) I’ll have a bangin’ new PoP t-shirt to identify myself by.

  • Rant: Record number of people applying to law school thinking it is a safe bet. My 2 cents: don’t do it unless you have a free ride!

  • How about December 2nd at 7:00 pm? I’m downtownish at 12th & Mass, and I’m not sure where you guys all are… Here’s some options: Lauriol Plaza, Wonderland, Bar Pilar, Cafe Saint Ex, and if you have a better choice let me know! We’ll all be able to find each other by WDC’s shirt 🙂

    ps – I wrote etc etc after the usernames because I just browsed up through the RRRorR posts and chose the regular’s usernames, and some I just remembered, but don’t let that stop you from coming!

  • Thanks for the pro-tip, JoeEsq 74!

  • Thanks Mal et al. That would be awesome to get together.

    Kalorini, good luck with the LSAT. Even though i am morally opposed to lawyers (and there coffee shop working counterparts in Britain) “Barristers”.
    skip the JD and go for Bschool. MBA: Mediocre, But Arrogant.

    /almost time for another Hand Cream Latte

  • rant: tired of dc and all the BS that goes on here with roads, crime, historic preservationists, incompetent bureaucracy, etc.

    rave: there’s…….. hope.

  • rg that made me laugh so hard.

    New rant… Traffic. Trying to get to 95 north is worthless.

  • Aww – Mal – can I come too? Promise I’ll be nice!

  • @left out again – of course! I didn’t mean to leave anyone out! Even if you’re not a regular and want to meet new people come! And PoP I didn’t mean to leave you out either!

  • Rant: iPhone stolen on the metro last night
    Rave: I have quite possibly the nicest AT&T representative on the phone helping me

  • My rant is people who think unemployment benefits give you tons of money to play with. I don’t know how the guy mentioned in the earlier post manages it – maybe by running off to CO he freed himself of rent payments – but I just spent almost nine months unemployed, and between rent and COBRA health insurance payments, I burned through every dime of savings, including my 401k, as well as loans from family and friends. Unemployment benefits helped a lot but were not enough to live on, by themselves (not in this city!) I am now employed again but am starting from ZERO in savings and retirement. Do I regret receiving the unemployment benefits that were my right? I do not. (They were paid for in my behalf by my employers over the years – which is part of the package of benefits that employees receive.) And I would do it again if, god forbid, the need ever arises again. As I said above, I don’t know what CO boy’s story is, but don’t judge unemployment base on one anecdote. I doubt there are all that many people who are enjoying life on unemployment – I think most are losing sleep over how to keep it all together while trying to find work in this miserable economy.

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