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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • Major rant: The front porch roof that cost thousands of dollars to rebuild is leaking. I had the roof person who is doing work on our back porch look at it and he basically thinks it needs to be ripped off and done over…….. costing us thousands more!

    The original guy who did it came out a few times to try and fix the problem but now won’t return our calls…….

    Does anyone know any good carpenters out there who might be able to fix it without ripping off the whole thing….

  • Do it yourself?

    I had a guy quote me a couple hundred dollars to patch my actual roof, so thousands of dollars for a porch roof is paying for someone’s retirement boat.

    In case anyone wants to hate on plumbers, I got a quote for $5k to fix my boiler system which actually cost me

  • Boo! submission button.


  • What’s wrong with it specifically? I recently had to caulk the hell out of my back porch as the sealant had fallen away from where the porch met the exterior wall, allowing water to run under and through a transom window. I recaulked the join between the porch roof and wall and all is well now…

  • Rave: Friday!
    Rant: Forgot my umbrella!

  • Let’s have some more details… where is the leak? Between the exterior brick and porch? You need some flashing and roof tar, you can get both for probably less than $50.

    Also, the original guy – get on angie’s list and expose him, or tell him you will and maybe he’ll start returning your calls and correct his error.

  • Okay, a little more info….. basically it is leaking over the side because the built in gutters are not properly pitched. The North West corner of the porch is too high for the water to flow to the East.

    So it isn’t a matter of a hole that needs to be patched. The framing itself just is too high in that one corner.

    And when I say the front porch roof I mean the entire porch roof the framing and all was rebuilt not just putting on a new roof.

  • Rant: Homeowner forums on rant and rave, come on guys.

    Rave: Finally got the drywall up in my closet after finding and fixing badly deteriorated chimney brick mortar.

  • catholic church wants to pull its services out of dc if they pass the gay marriage bill… dont let the door hit you in the asses on the way out, dickheads!


    while a wedding is nowhere near our future, im still very excited to have my boyfriend moving to dc from boston to be with me after a year of long distance 🙂

  • $5k to fix a boiler? You can get a new boiler for $5k (maybe that’s what you were going to say)

    Pennywise – if you only used caulk, that will probably be temporary. I would beef it up with aluminum flashing and roof tar in the spring or before winter if you can. Not sure what kind of caulk you used, but as there is wood expansion and contraction with the weather changes and moisture levels, the caulk will very well become unsealed.

  • in 2007 when i moved to dc from new york, i figured my taxes would be more complicated, so i went to h&r block. it’s almost 2010- i’m still dealing with those taxes!

    basically h&r block forgot to declare my income from selling stocks, had to redo everything (four times from april 2008 to may 2009), and finally determined i owed the federal government $900 more while dc would give me $175. fine. if i owe it, i owe it.

    now, six months after i thought this was all done, i got a letter from the dc tax office. not only do i not get $175 back, but i owe $550. plus six months of interest and penalties.

    so now i have to spend my friday (and probably the next couple weeks) dealing with this


  • I’ll second what Christopher says to the Catholic Church. Good riddance to the bigots.

    @Charlie Jones when I used HR Block I paid something like $25 for insurance against any mistakes that they made. If I remember correctly it got me something like $25,000 worth of coverage against their potential screw-ups of which there weren’t any (that I know about so far, knock on wood)

  • About Tynan Coffee and Tea:

    The Good: Decent coffee, nice interior, friendly staff.

    The Bad: What’s the deal with their very limited wifi? You have to get a slip from the cashier with a login and password that gives you ONE HALF HOUR of connectivity! What the hell? By the time you write a few emails, check out a few sites, you’ve run out of time and have to go back to the front, hat in hand, to ask for another log-on slip! What a pain!

    They should take a tip from Tryst and let people surf all day. They’ll stay and eat and drink all day!

  • Rant: I turned in work for review a week ago so that there would be plenty of time to review. Work is due on Tuesday. The Reviewer just found it in her email. So now when it’s late it looks like I slacked off. I busted my ass to get that project done early so there would be review time. I hate work. So many hoops to jump through.

    No raves.

  • @Pissy:

    email time stamp is on your side, no?

  • Rant: just found a cockroach in my cubicle…

    Rave: dropped a book (numerical methods for transient and coupled problems… nice heavy book) on it and it diieeeeddd.

    Rave: it’s Friday and the weekend is supposed to be nice!

  • Rant: Stuck in a downpour on the walk to lunch.
    Rave: Wearing sweatpants at work bc my boss felt bad for me.

  • Rave: An old friend was in DC this week for work. We had yummy dinner, good talk, and great laughs.
    Rave: Going to watch the UNDEFEATED Saints with some NOLA ex-pats at some bar on Sunday.

  • @ TaylorStreetMan oh you would think the email timestamp would be on my side, but she’s sneaky. She takes the work from the email and uploads it to the evil Sharepoint, so original time stamp is gone.

  • @Emmaleigh504:

    Your old friend wouldn’t be named Ann, would she?
    I’m a fellow NOLA ex-pat. Where’s the bar?

  • Why should the Catholic Church continue to provide city services and subject itself to rules it doesn’t agree with? The CC isn’t going anywhere, it’s just not going to continue contracts with the city. Presumably, you don’t support the CC because of its beliefs and because the city is going to do something the CC doesn’t believe in, it will not support the city. How is that any different?

    There is so much irony in rejecting the CC by claiming bigotry.

  • NOLA ex-pat here too! Black & Gold all the way. Yeah Saints!

  • various rants:

    1. The catholics have never outgrown their fascist tendencies. Considering how long it took them to agree that the Earth “might” not be the center of the solar system, they’ll come around to accepting gay marriage long after us non-catholics have evolved into beings of pure light and omnipresent consciousness.

    2. Just NOW discovering the sounds of Maryanne Amacher, weeks after her death.

    3. See previous boo-hooing, re: the demise of Timberlakes.

  • The estimated loss of money due to the cathopricks cutting off their charitible giving is only 18 million. Thats probably LESS then the revenue that will be generated by gays being allowed to marry. But in the end I don’t think the Church will go through with it because they will lose a lot of face as this is extremely un christ like. I’m glad we are calling their bluff.

  • Rant: Man Untd lost to Chelsea on Sunday

    Rant: Chris Pontius doesn’t get rookie of the year

    Rant: Clinton Portis is out

    Rave: Good grades

    Rave: Snappy new spectacles

    Rave: MLS playoffs

  • TaylorStreetMan:
    Nope don’t know any Ann’s. But maybe Ann knows Lisa. Gonna watch the game at 18th Amendment. Gotta dig up some gold to wear with my black. Or perhaps I should dress as my favorite Saint…like Mary or Joan or someone….

  • Gay marriage in the CC is an oxymoron. It’s never surprising how much hate you progressive liberals spout when someone disagrees with you. How are you calling their bluff? By calling them cathopricks? How will they lose face, it didn’t say they would stop helping with homelessness, adoption, etc…, it will simply stop contracting with the city.

  • i could care less what the catholics do with the poor people of this city, honestly… you wont find any bleeding hear here, god-loving ‘murcan… and i dont support the catholic church not because of its beliefs, but because my head is actually OUT of my ass and contains a functional brain. what i do find facinating though is that the catholics are throwing a tantrum about having to extend benefits to same sex partners, but has there ever been any sort of upheavel about having to provide benefits to second or third spouses of their employees who have opted out of their god sanctioned marriages, aka divorce? correct me if im wrong, but isnt divorce a pretty big deal to them too?

    its just like when that bishop from maryland was saying that gay marriage was wrong because its not in line with the way single mothers in south east are raising their children and living their lives… before we tackle gay marriage, what exactly are is the church doing to stop that mother from having babies out of wedlock?

  • @TaylorStreetMan – The problem is that an awful lot of the people who “stay and eat and drink all day” at Tryst soaking up the free wifi are eating and drinking all day the same cup of coffee and muffin they ordered at 9 am. A number of coffee shops and lounges limit wifi for that reason.

  • Rant: Boyfriend and I of 2+ years broke up on Wednesday. Back to square one.

    Rave: Going to my parents for some serious R&R with the help of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha.

  • If you think it’s going to take a long time before the Catholics recognize gay marriage, just be glad it’s not the Muslims you’re trying to convince!

  • Regarding Tynan Coffee & Tea (and Tryst and Starbucks, too), count me in on the side of limiting the free WiFi. I’ve been there 3 times since it opened, and each time there were no seats available because of all the lingering laptop WiFi users.

  • @God-loving:

    I have some mixed feelings about the Church’s declaration, but in general I think it’s a damn poor call on the Archdiocese’s fault. Nobody’s asking them to agree with or sanction gay marriage. What they have a problem with is that legally they would be required to extend benefits to same sex partners of their employees.

    I’m really surprised, given what I’ve experienced as a nuanced and fairly gay-friendly DC Archdiocese, that they would take this legal issue and spin it around to affect their other charitable works in the city, many of which are FUNDED by city dollars. So let’s look at it that way — they carry out their mission to help the poor, etc, using tax-dollars, in addition to the work they do with member tithings.

    Though I don’t agree with it, the one area I could see where it could make sense for them to withdraw services is where the city contracts the church to place foster and adopted children with families, if they feel it is against the church’s mission to place children with same sex couples. (Though, given my reading of the caticism and understanding of how the church has dealt with orphaned children in the past, I call a little BS there.)

    Boston halted adoption services for the city when they passed their law, but otherwise other cities have not made such threats as have been made here.

    My rant? The church shouldn’t be taking tax-exempt status, particularly since it’s one of (the?) largest land-owner in the district, if they’re going to get involved in political policy. Also, I think it’s shameful, absolutely shameful, to threaten to withhold service — a core mission of the church — because they may no longer be able to exclude some city residents.

    It’s this misguided focus on gay rights opposition and abortion-mania in place of service to mankind that are what drove me and many I know away from the church.

    (How’s that for a Friday rant?!)

  • @Marcus Aurelius:
    I know that’s true for some, but the formula clearly works for Tryst. They must be making $ hand over fist over there, despite the people who milk their coffee all day (pun intended).

    Personally, I make a day of it: breakfast with coffee, more coffee later, lunch, then beer! It’s a win-win.

    I see your point, but a *half hour*! That’s just chinky.

  • All these references to head and ass… I guess you miss your boyfriend.

    Let’s be civil, no need to claim brains aren’t functioning, just because someone doesn’t agree with you. You can be angry, but denouncing someone’s belief for not agreeing with yours, is the nature of the problem. If everyone was gay, human kind would cease to exist naturally. So, you can cheer for heterosexuals to produce homosexuals, but not the other way around. Therefore the Church believes in procreation, obviously your Church doesn’t (naturally anyway).

    The CC doesn’t support divorce, and I would say someone who is re-married multiple times has more than religious issues. You can try to get the CC to stop providing benefits to re-married couples, but I think you’ll have a problem with the law on that one.

    As for single mother’s (I’m not sure why they only live in southeast, but if you want to believe that, fine) having children out of wedlock, the Church believes in abstinence. I’m not sure what else you can do, clearly teaching them about condoms doesn’t work as the government has tried to do in the public education system.

    Everything has unintended consequences, this happens to be one for the City and yes, it will impact other jurisdictions. Should the City Council really be deciding this? If you think so, maybe your Church can take over the contracts not being continued by the CC.

  • @Confirmed Thank you for having the most reasoned and level headed thoughts on the issue and sharing them with the rest of us.

  • Confirmed – Tax dollars go to lots of places I don’t agree with, that’s part of it. ACORN comes to mind. The CC is helping the gov’t do what the gov’t can’t do, and never should have tried to do in the first place.

    Do you think the ministers of the city Baptist churches aren’t involved in policy? The CC isn’t supporting candidates from the pulpit…

  • Confirmed – Also, by your logic, an environmental non-profit would choose to continue to receive government funding or grant money even if the government supported higher pollution rates, rather than rejecting the funding and choosing to raise it’s own money to fund its objective.

  • @God-loving:

    Oh I’m sure there are quite a few churches more involved in public policy than the Catholic Church. And tax dollars go to more ridiculous things than any of us could ever really imagine. My concerns in this post and, well, in general religiously, are with the Catholics.

  • yes, lets be civil. oh wait, youre supporting blackmail in the name of god, at the expense of the needy. not very civil at all, eh?

    as for heterosexually begetting humanities future, fine. i will support the church in that argument as soon as they issue a statement that no sterile person can enter into a church sanctioned marriage, and that all couples who do not have children will have their marriages voided.

    you didnt really address my question on divorce and out of wedlock children. i get that the church is against that, but what is it DOING to stop it? do you support divorce? do you support benefits being extended to an employees second, third, fourth spouse? what about to an employees ‘bastard’ children?

  • Confirmed – that was nice and concise, no need to hide anything, care to tighten up your first rant a bit, it was kind of circular and incoherent, for me anyway, maybe because I don’t have a functioning brain or something.

  • Christopher – why such anger? Have you asked them to issue a statement? I try not to waste my time complaining about things that are out of my control. I told you the CC position, they can’t force anyone to abstain or remain married. They can continue to stand on their position.

  • @God-loving American:

    I don’t see anger in Christopher’s post. I read frustration at the hypocritical stance the CC can sometimes take, ie the whole Procreation argument. Christopher has a huge point here: What about sterile couples or those who don’t have children – or choose not to? Will the CC stand against those people, too? Bar them from the church?

  • nice cowardly position there. ignore the actual question, tip toe around an open ended answer, and redirect the conversation. the catholic church could indeed put as much effort behind keeping people married as they have in keeping gays from getting married. why havent they?

    and what makes you think im angry? im actually feeling pretty smug because i know you and yours wont win the war…maybe a few battles here and there, but ultimately, some day, my generation will see our gays get married.

  • Just chiming in to say I agree with Confirmed and Christopher, and think God Loving American is on the wrong side of history here. Does anyone doubt that in 25-50 years, same-sex marriage will be legal just about everywhere in Europe and N. America, except for a few diehard holdout areas?

  • Why am I cowardly… let me back up. Gay Marriage is an oxymoron in the CC (as I stated above). It doesn’t exist. Marriage is between a man and a woman. You don’t accept that, and that’s fine. Introducing all these other scenarios, while enjoyable for you, have nothing to do with church doctrine. Procreation is achieved by heterosexual beings, reproduction will likely produce additional followers of the Church. It is only natural to support that, it’s not a condition of acceptance. To my knowledge the CC doesn’t reject any individual, but through it’s position on pro-life, it inherently creates divide, but it won’t reject one who is pro-choice.

    By no means am I attempting to convert you, clearly you don’t agree with the CC positions. This isn’t a game of gotcha. Once you accept the CC believes only in marriage between a man and a woman there really isn’t any further need to discuss your scenarios.

    I understand your frustration, prop 8 in CA, just voted down in ME, but overwhelmingly society doesn’t support what you advocate and you are choosing to live in a place where it’s not supported (as of today anyway).

  • divorce has nothing to do with catholic church doctrine?

    taking a page from your book, until you and your church figure out how to fix the mess that the heterosexuals have made of marriage, there really isnt any further need to discuss the gay marriage scenario.

    and i wouldnt say that society is ‘overwhelmingly’ against gays at all. our support continues to rise with each poll… the support for you and your church on the other hand… :/

  • Let me interject….
    Rave: Water on the moon!
    Rave: Water in DC’s sky goes bye-bye!
    Rant: I really want a smoke, even after 7 weeks quitting.

  • Yeah I’m gonna agree with Christopher on that one – society is becoming more and more accepting of same sex relationships as each day progresses. I don’t think that any of my friends are against same sex marriage, in all seriousness. I’m in the just graduated college generation, and I gotta say, I’m excited to see the day when gay marriage is totally accepted by society as a whole. All of my friends who were brought up in religious homes have pretty much denounced their religious teachings as antiquated, and barely any of them are still members of any church. I hope they put same sex marriage to a vote in DC – as a straight woman I will be at the polls to vote, no doubt.

    My dad was raised Catholic, my mom Protestant. Neither of them believe in the teachings they were brought up with. They taught me to treat everyone with respect, regardless of their beliefs. Believe in what you want, just don’t push your views on me and we will be okay.

  • GLA here – my last two posts were deleted, so either I’m being censored or technical problems.

    Mr T – history will prove me wrong? Whose history? Homosexual marriage was prohibited in the Roman Empire.

  • Rant: people who believe in fairy tales, ghosts and make-believe.
    Rave: atheists.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @GLA your posts were not deleted. There have been some technical difficulties with commenting that I hope to have completely resolved this weekend. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let me know it continues. Thanks.

  • Christopher – How many States have legalized same-sex marriage? That’s overwhelming. It’s not about gays’, it’s about gay marriage.

    The CC supports Marriage, therefore, by default divorce is not part of church doctrine. The CC supports Life, therefore, by default death is not part of church doctrine. It accepts death , but doesn’t encourage it through abortion or capital punishment for that matter.

  • PoP – appreciate the clarification, I never think of you as one to censor.

  • Gotta agree with GLA here. I support gay marriage, but it’s become clear to me through the votes in Cal. and Maine that support for gay marriage is not “overwhelming.” Support of gays, maybe, but not gay marriage (however misplaced I find that sentiment).

  • In ’50 years GLA and his Church’s opinions will seem as retrograde and barbaric as the laws outlawing interracial marriages in the 1950s seem to us now.

    Civil Rights are Civil Rights, no matter who they’re for, it’s just a shame we have to keep fighting the same battles every 40 or 50 years or so.

  • Chris – with regards to the Church making a mess of Heterosexual marriages, is everyone married in a CC these days? Probably not. Do people married in the CC get divorced? Probably. Are they overwhelming devout Catholics? Probably not.

    The government could create monetary incentives to remain married, but that would mean stronger families. There could be stiffer penalties related to child support, that were actually enforced to reduce birthrates out of wedlock. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriage_penalty

  • K – St. – you fail to draw the distinction between Church and State. I’m not advocating to prevent gay marriage, I would prefer it not be called marriage, but I agree with spousal benefits for civil unions. I don’t think the CC disagrees with civil unions, I think they disagree with marriage as anything other than a man and a women.

    The laws prevent what you desire, not the Church. You have a choice to attend and follow the Church, you don’t have a choice as it relates to the legalities. Your frustration is misguided.

  • GLA- I’m not blaming the church for the lack of civil rights. I’m just pointing out that its ideas will seem barbaric in 50 years. The church and anyone else who supports a ban on FULL MARRIAGE EQUALITY is on the wrong side of history on this one.

  • ‘The CC supports Marriage’ – do you? thats the crux of that matter… you guys obviously dont. where is the stink about the current state of heterosexual marriage? where is the blackmail threat about pulling catholic aid out of the city if they continue to offer divorce? you have obviously picked and chosen the battles that you think you could win, by preying on the underdog. you know the church cant do squat to enforce its views on divorce, so they make up some bs anullment clause and call it a day. its pretty obvious that the service contracts are just a means to prostelyze and strengthen their failing hold on politicians, by the way you guys are treating the needy like some minor collateral. you dont give a shit about the poor, but they sure come in handy when youre trying to hold down the every strengthening gay lobby, right?

  • im sorry, i sound aggressive in my previous post. a lot of those ‘you’s really should have read ‘the catholic church’ or just ‘catholics’ in general. i am trying to make no assumptions about the person gla is outside of what is written by him/her.

  • Rant: People getting all in a tizzy about the Catholic Church and assuming all Catholics are stupid, bad people or bigots. You’re being just as bad as the ridiculously close minded heads of the church by saying terrible things about all Catholics.

    Rave: My life is wonderful!

  • I support unions, as stated above. The Church isn’t going to stop helping the needy, it’s going to stop contracting with the City. The CC has helped the needy for centuries, it’s part of it’s mission.

    You raise a good point about the contradiction with divorce, but you see the Church doesn’t divorce people, it marries them. The State marries and divorces people. Again, the Church doesn’t right the laws, they can support or reject them as they choose, just like you and me.

  • I thought Christians/Catholics were supposed to compassionately serve others, even if they are, *gasp*, GAY…?

  • Rave: Thats me in that picture above having a rockin good time on my birthday at the RnR Hotel!

    Rant: All this rain yuck!

  • God Loving American:

    Answer me this simple, specific question: in 25 years, do you think same-sex marriage will be more accepted than it is now, and legal in more places? How about in 50 years? Europe? The blue states? This is what I mean when I say you’re on the wrong side of history. Your position will look as backwards and unenlightened then as we look back on relics like the Dred Scott decision today.

  • I really hate when I remember to pack something for work but it still doesn’t end up in my bag somehow.

  • Remember only 50 years ago, people of color or other race were segregated. There was a holocaust. 100 years ago there were no such thing as airplanes. about 200 years ago, there was no such thing as america. im not sure where im going with this…

  • Love is a dog from hell.

    but. there is a beautiful two year old boy, in footy pajamas. so we are off to play with the trains.

  • With 75% of catholic charities’ funding coming from public funds, I was a bit disgusted to see the president and ceo of catholic charities (with his 268K annual salary) tell the DC city council that they will withdraw services to thousands of DC residents in need over the gay marriage issue. Of course, I was not surprised.

    However, after removing tax-exempt status from the catholic church & re-routing public tax dollars to charities other than catholic charities, I would have much less of a problem with the catholic church using their “beliefs” as an excuse for such discrimination.

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