PoP T-Shirts Continue To Travel the Globe (and the East Coast…)


While these shots aren’t from too far away (Philly) they are among my favorites.


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  • Vonstallin

    Man, I hope they area from CH and are heading back here soon….


  • For as much as I love DC (it’s my hometown), when push comes to shove I have to admit that, to me, Philly will always be > DC.

    PoP, How about some of us get together to sponsor a trip for you to walk around philly and snap some photos?

  • @Anon920 – I grew up an hour north of Philly, lived in Philly for college, then moved to DC 2 years ago… When I first moved here I definitely thought you couldn’t beat Philly, but now that I’m getting to know the area and some people (can’t wait for the PoP get together!), I think DC has a certain… je ne sais quois… There’s just a feeling in the air that makes you love it here. Philly is definitely a great city, don’t get me wrong, but DC has something that you can’t mimic anywhere else.

    PoP I’m in Philly every few weekends (the bf still lives there), so if you need a ride up I can give you one! Or I can just snap a few pics for you! I do have some shots on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2042822&id=10503925&l=b863346c18 – all taken on Spring Garden Street between 32nd and Ben Franklin Parkway… don’t mind my commentary – I was still in college and thought I was really cool.

  • PoP – I keep having problems submitting comments – it says “duplicate comment detected”, but that comment isn’t showing up!

  • Okay nevermind it just showed up haha… Don’t know what happened!

  • Philly sucks.

    (just to balance things out a bit)

  • Whenever I think about Philly and people try to tell me its a great city, I remind them that the Mayor once ordered a bomb dropped on a house: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2005-05-11-philadelphia-bombing_x.htm

    I’m indifferent about its standing in “greatness”, but I’m just saying…mayor. bomb. house.

  • Green shirt is gorgeous.

  • Vonstallin: “why dont you have a seat over there”

  • lolz @vonstallin. they ARE hot. strong legs on gray shirt.

    philly rocks. but socially, be warned: everyone from philly is from philly originally and has social ties going back to elementary school. buena suerte breaking in. DC’s forever transient population is so much better for making friends.

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