Person Pushed into side of train, falls onto platform at Gallery Place/Chinatown Metrorail station

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Photo by PoPville Flickr user cacophony76

From metro:

Metro Transit Police are investigating a preliminary report of an individual who was pushed into the side of a Red Line train. The train was stopped and servicing the platform at the Gallery Place/Chinatown Metrorail station at about 3:35 p.m. today (Nov. 30) at the time of the incident. The train was headed in the direction of Shady Grove.

The preliminary investigation indicates that two young men were involved in an altercation and one individual pushed the other into the side of the last car of a six-car train. The young man fell to the platform and was aided by local emergency medical first responders. The individual, a minor, was transported to a nearby hospital.

The incident train was held at the scene of the accident for 45 minutes. Customers on the Red Line experienced delays as a result of the incident. Red Line trains were taking turns sharing one track (single-tracking) between Farragut North and Judiciary Square Metrorail station while the train was being held at the scene.

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  • About a week ago the local news reported on a guy living around the Eastern Market Metro and how he begged Metro to have their cops posted at the metro stop after school. Turns out a group of very rowdy high school kids walked home every day throwing rocks at cars, houses and people for fun. They then took the Metro home.

    Seems like people have een complaining for years about these high school kids running wild on Metro when school gets out. Why can’t Metro get their act together and have some security in highly trafficed stations like Gallery Place and some (if not all of the others)?

    The kids need to be safe and so do the adults using the system!

  • @GentGuy it was Stadium-Armory, and it was one of our writers over at the Hill is Home.

    He did a couple of first person pieces on what happened:

    Part 1:

    Follow Up:

  • We have teen gunplay on what seems like a weekly basis and a seeming revolving door sanctuary for juvenile violence and general youth thuggery worship faction. What a good thing for this city!? Gotta keep out the riff-raff somehow…….if only.

    That a child would push someone in front of a train, or a child would blast bullets out of an illegal fiream into someone’s chest, ugh….

  • Enough with the Puma ads in terrible places.

  • I wish there were more police officers stationed after school hours – OR a number you could call or text to report unacceptable behavior. There are some teenagers that hang out under a bridge (outside) between College Park and Greenbelt and they throw rocks at the train cars at it passes. I also hope they teach teens in school about good metro behavior. I think they should if they don’t. Like – giving up your seat for the elderly, not cursing or talking loudly about your sex life, and not putting your feet up on the seats/bags on seats so no one can sit next to you. Or maybe we need to take it upon ourselves to school these kids sometimes…I don’t know…

  • There’s not much hope for more effective law enforcement in the short term I don’t think, DC government has long supported policies that guarantee unsupervised and violent youth. The conspiricist in me believes that is a policy designed to guarantee future federal poverty alleviation funds, which can be misappropriated, but I digress.

    Two events of particular interest: Vincent N. Schiraldi, head of the Dept of Youth and Rehabilitative Services (DYRS), quit yesterday for a better job in New York. He is most responsible over the last several years for rather meek policies regarding juvenile offenders, not surprising as he lives in upper NW near Phil Mendelson where violence is rare. His replacement might be a key player in more forceful rehabilitation for juvenile offenders, or at least permanent incarceration, which many probably need if we want to keep other people safe. Note DYRS is not part of the Public Safety and Judiciary Cmte (PSJC), which oversees law enforcement. That is also likely a problem with out overall law enforcement regime.

    The other bit of possible interest, the chair of the PSJC, Phil Mendelson, is up for reelection next year. He should be voted against by anyone who thinks we need a new direction in law enforcement, his lax laws are responsible for courts releasing most violent offenders, though again this does not apply to juveniles. A fascinating article on Mendelson’s influence is here:

    If anyone knows if this article is inaccurate, please do shout it out.

    Re: unruly kids on Metro, WMATA has a hotline number to report this, but I don’t know how hot the line is our if its just a voicemail graveyard. The number is 202-962-2118. Note another interesting blog piece is here:

    I’m sure we could go on for days on the topic, but its like most other such posts. Laws are not really enforced in DC, and the the city government and many of its residents are just fine with that.

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