New “Living Blog” in Adams Morgan Plaza


I’m not exactly sure when this new (to me) feature went up in the Adams Morgan Plaza at 18th and Columbia. I have to say it was a bit disappointing. Previously they’ve had a Festivus feature where people wrote hilarious notes. There was also a more general tell the President feature back in January. This one is asking folks specifically about health care and quite frankly is boring as hell. Most of the notes just say “I’d like health care” or something along those lines. Also, not sure I’d call this set up a blog…

Though there were some non health care notes:


Hopefully, the Festivus signage will go up soon!


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  • I suspect that we can thank Arianne of the BID (and owner of Amsterdam Falafel along with her husband Scott) for this piece of boredom. She’s been behind much of the other stuff on the kiosk and there is a big sign hanging on the front of their shop right now about afordable health care for all.

    And you’re right, it’s boring and frankly not something I think that the BID should be spending its time and money on…but if the business and property owners support their tax money going to this, then so be it (one wonders how many of them actually know about this).

  • Does this mean Martin Luther was a blogger far ahead of his time?

  • “blog” = web + log

    This display may be public art or something of the like, but it’s not a blog.

  • Tell the president, huh? How often has President Obama been stopping by to read it?

  • And speaking of health care, what say you, PoP? Being self-employed, surely you must be well aware of affordable health care in this country.

  • Anon @3:57 –

    seriously. people are so stupid. Whats next – “paper e-mail”, “verbal twitter”

  • still better than the ‘art’ the city wanted to put there….

  • This litter on a wall and nothing else.

    Bycycle Music Man is suddenly looking pretty good to me now.

  • I can’t imagine that this cost more than a few bucks – seems kind of interesting for a community bulletin board… and better to read while I wait for the bus than the many flyers that usually hang there.

  • Seems lame and odd that a BID would be using business taxes for special order print stuff on a controversial topic and national issue. I heard some people talking that the businesses did not know about it, and one of the real estate guys was complaining.

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