New Bar on Connecticut Ave. – Maddy’s


I had the opportunity to stop by Maddy’s in the old Timberlakes spot located at 1726 Connecticut Ave, NW. I was able to speak one of the owners, Gaynor Jablonski. Jablonski is also owner of the Ugly Mug located at 723 8th St SE. Jablonski’s business partner is Dale Shields and Maddy’s is named after Shields’ mother. The spot has been open for about a month. Jablonski described the place as having many elements of the Ugly Mug but slightly higher end. I found it to be a very comfortable spot.


You can see the menu here and the beer and wine list here.


Incidentally the Ugly Mug and Maddy’s are showing a big fight on Sat. for no cover.

Pacquiao vs Cotto
one of the most anticipated mega-fights of the year
Saturday, November 14th
– Fight w/sound on all TVs
– Food & Drink Specials
* $4 Bud Lights
* $4 Miller Lites
* $5 chips and queso
* $6 spinach artichoke dip
* $4 knockout punch
* $4 pulled pork sliders
* $10 for 6 sliders


Anyone check them out yet?

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  • The new place is okay, but I miss Timberlakes.

  • WHAT- but but. when did Timberlakes close? I didn’t even know. It’s been awhile since I went to dupont but man. At the rate old DC institutions are closing up in this city its a wonder if it has any character left in a decade. I mean I know its happening in every city. NYC sure as hell aint what it used to be. But its just sad.

  • Vonstallin

    y’all sure do drink alot here in the city…..

  • We have 2 bars with a boxing theme now?

  • Vonstallin, I’ll have yours. Cheers, mate.

    Anon 9:02, I was going to say much the same thing. I haven’t been in N.Dupont in a while, but Timberlakes has been a default stop of mine for ages. Crapping hell, I say. The Ugly Mug is alright but definitely vibes more ‘sports bar’ than ‘pub’, which I’d prefer.

    Of course I’m a nostalgic old bastard and reformed hippie, and thus still whimper for Food For Thought when I pass Bistro Coin, or whatever the hell that french thing is called…

  • wait, on closer examination of the taps photo, I see Fuller’s, so there’s hope.

  • Is it just me or are all the new bars (and restaurants for that matter) starting to look so much the same they are virtually interchangeable?

  • Maddy’s is one of those loud bars. Timberlakes was the type of bar — few and far between today — where you could meet your friends for a beer and have an actual conversation. I wonder whether the owners of these loud bars think people drink more when they talk less? Probably.

  • count me out. This place looks like a cheap Bourbon knock off only with more TVs and less bourban. Timberlakes was a cozy place with history. The old pictures on the wall from the 70s. you just felt a part of DC when you drank a cold draft there. And who cares when you are in a place like that if they dont have the best beer selection and the draft hoses leave a dirty taste to your beer. Thinking of all the people who had done it before you. I would always picture reporters from the 70s plopping down for a pint and smoking. sad.

  • I spy Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. They are thus deserving of my business.

  • I miss Timberlakes, too.

    And if this place is related to the Ugly Mug, I hope it’s cleaner and the food is better. That place had great bar food for a while but went downhill a few years ago. I haven’t been back since, so maybe it’s improved since then.

  • Dcbloom- if thats your criteria I would like to introduce you to every-bar-in-dc.

  • I checked this place out on sunday with a few friends and really enjoyed it. The service was good and they had every game displayed on tv’s. It wasn’t loud or overcrowded and we got there in time to sit next to the open window and enjoy one of the last days of good weather.

  • It’s not bad…I work next door and went in to try it out. The happy hour is lacking, only a dollar off beers. The manager, or maybe owner, I’m not sure, came and asked how we were doing and whether we were enjoying ourselves, so that was nice. Although I said the happy hour specials were a little lacking he seemed to be under the impression that in this neighborhood his happy hour was quite fine, so that was off-putting. Actually the only reason I went in there is that it was pouring rain too hard for me to get to the Big Hunt or Russia House for their cheap martinis and sleaze-bag watching.

    My co-workers tried the food and they were impressed with the butternut squash soup.

  • Timberlake’s smelled bad. So if the new bar comes with new floors that don’t smell like puke, I’ll try it. Some good prices on chili and quesadillas.

  • wow, no timberlakes. remebering a long joyous night to morning spent at the bar…three the group have since passed away. i miss them.

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