National Guard Building at Georgia and Irving Streets, NW For Lease

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People have noted how tasteless the red paint spatters are on this sign. I guess they had a tough time recruiting as the building is for lease.

It’d be a great spot for a coffee shop…

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  • That’s some prime real estate. (I love just blocks away) Yes — coffee house, restaurant, anything!

  • Just not: Bodega/illegal alien group home…wig/weave shop…wine/beer/lottery…bulletproof asian carryout. We have about a thousand of those in Col Hgts/Pleasant Plains, so pls folks–be creative.

  • What is the story with the splatter?

  • It’s been for lease for years now. I forget the rent they were asking for, I did call on it a couple of years back, and remember it was a lot more money than the space was worth.

  • The DC National Guard unit was basically shut down by Fenty, see:–41840117.html

    Its so depressing that even the National Guard can’t maintain its signage on Georgia Ave. I guess it takes more than an army to control that area.

  • For the record, I’d fully support a mellow foodie option in that space. For all the activity and density on that stretch of Georgia, we’re still lacking something on the level of a Moroni & Bros. … Don’t need any super-contemporary zap-pow decor, just clean honest working-class curry would be awesome.

    Of course risking the hypocrite tag, I haven’t yet tried the (new?) Jamaican place a block or two north (east side of georgia), which looks like it’s got eat-in available. Anybody try that?

  • IA – I’ve been to Jam Down once. Cool place. They have house-made fruit juices made of honeysuckle and plenty of vegan options. The rice with peas and okra gravy was fantastic. Nice folks. Of course, the one down-side to the place is they don’t serve beer, but they can pack it for take-away.

    Anonymous 11:40 – I love just a few blocks away, too. I won’t provide more details than that.

  • read 14th and you RE: the potential closure of garden district. we need more than just restaurants, restaurants, restaurants in our commercial districts. food establishments are great, but we’re going to push ourselves to the point of having no choice but target to buy non-food items in the city.

  • I asked some of my female friends how so many nail and beauty salons can stay in business. She takes me to see Good Hair by Chris Rock for explanation. Let’s just say that there is almost no end to the demand for black hairstylists. No matter the neighborhood or how poor the people may seemingly appear. So whenever an empty spot comes open, a salon is always a viable option.

  • nate, as the mother of a biracial child, I tend to agree. Any time I scheduled an appointment (and we’ve tried several salons in different parts of the city, including Bloomingdale(2),Brookland, and Brightwood (on Georgia Avenue) and some I’m sure I’m forgetting, and it always took hours because of the volume of people that were there.

  • I was never sure whether that “splatter” was intentional or not. Anyone have the answer?

  • Remember, there is funding for any 501 c3 non-profit with youth or seniors… see

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