My Favorite Tree From This Autumn

IMG_0815, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This tree on Macomb Street in Cleveland Park blew me away. I don’t know if it was the light or what but the scene was truly breathtaking. Notice the color of the red and how amazing even the fallen leaves look on the steps up to the house.

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  • Very nice , I like the steps too

  • That must be one heck of a tree it “blew you”. Where is this tree exactly?

  • yay, red trees. i haven’t seen many yet this fall, especially this intense. the row of yellow trees along 14th between Thomas Circle and K is also very nice…i get to see them on the way to work.

  • This is probably a variety of Japanese maple. Nice that enough light comes over the house to backlight it. There are some breathtaking red trees right now (going fast!) at the turnaround at the Porter Street exit where you get off Piney Branch to head towards Adams Mill Road.

  • Wow, I just drove by this house/tree the other day and literally slowed to a stop to check it out – absolutely beautiful on its own but the leaves lining the steps really make it breathtaking (seriously). It’s on Macomb, only thing I can narrow it down to is somewhere between Wisconsin and Connecticut but can’t remember exactly where. I think closer to Connecticut…

  • ah

    Probably a Bloodgood japanese maple. We had one at our old house and it reliably turned this color almost exactly the same date (Nov. 20) each year.

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