More Sweet Embassy Sculptures

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I thought this was a pretty cool one. And then it struck me, I think this is the first sculpture of a woman I’ve seen. It’s the Crown Princess Martha of Norway. You can see a bio of her here.


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  • nice sculpture – too bad its beauty is always being contrasted with that odd guy with big signs saying the pope is a pedophile.

  • There are to s of female sculpture/statues in the city. There’s the one of Olive Seward at 6th and N Carolina, SE and the huge Mary McLeod Bethune statue in Lincoln Park too. There must be one for Clara Barton somewhere too, and Eleanor Roosevelt down at the FDR memorial. The one for military nurses nearthe Vietnam memorial.

  • There’s also the Jean d’Arc statue in Malcolm X Park.

  • Not sure there is a statue of Clara Barton in DC. If so I would be interested to hear where. There is a bust of her and of course pictures in the Red Cross buildings at 17th St and 20th Streets.

  • Anyone who’s read No Ordinary Time by Doris Kearns Goodwin, about the lives of FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt during WW 2, will know Princess Martha. She was a special favorite of FDR’s and rented an estate way out in the country – Bethesda – for the duration.

  • I thought PoP meant sculptures of women specifically at embassies?

  • This is of course the statue outside the front of the Norwegian Embassy across the street from the entrance to the Naval Observatory and the Vice President’s house on Mass Ave.

    After the German occupation of Norway in 1939, she fled to her native Sweden where she was not welcome. At the invitation of FDR she came to Washington with her family and lived at the White House and later here the Washington area for the duration of the war until 1945.

    She returned to Norway triumphant at never conceding to the Swedes neutrality and never accommodating Hitler.

    She was no low profile royal. An outspoken woman for her time and for liberty against tyranny, she was a regular with Eleanor and FDR while in exile seeking liberty for Norway with her husband Crown Prince Olav in Great Britain.

  • Isn’t it because of FDR’s generosity to host her, that the Gov of Norway now gives us a Christmas tree in Union Station every year?

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