More Car Fires – This One on the 1400 Block of Monroe

15760_627498211405_1405459_36647234_4953291_n, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a reader for sending the photos. Just yesterday we learned of a car fire on Hiatt Place. These things really seem to come in waves. This one occurred Monday night around 6pm. The reader writes:

“Looked like an arson because the car was parked.”


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  • You have more car fires in the fall because of the leaves. Leaves parked under a hot car engine can smolder and start a fire, its worse if your engine has any leaking oil seals.

  • Actually, this is the west end of the 1300 block of Monroe, right in front of CC’s Liquor store. I saw it happen, but couldn’t get a good shot with my Blackberry in time.

  • There used to be a danger of hot catylitic converters igniting dry leaf piles – I’m not sure if cars still even have these (or what they are/were anyway) but something to consider.

  • victoria,

    Cat converters are in the back of vehicles with the exhaust system, but you’re right they get extremely hot and can ignite.

  • Eric is right, this is in front of the alley between Monroe and Newton, but in front of the Ruby Tuesday, not the CC liquor store.

  • Vonstallin

    Actualy almost all catalytic converters are up front closer to the front wheels section of the cars.

    The reason for that is so that the heat from the engine leaging the manafolds heat up the cat’s faster and burn off exses gas. the further down the exhaust line you place the cat’s the more time it takes to heat up and the more exhaust gases exscape.

    The only thing located in the far rear of an exahust system is the muffler…its only job is to muffle the sound. No enviournment function at all.

  • We had a car fire in the alley a few weeks ago — possibly a stolen car

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