Manny & Olga’s Pizza Coming to Petworth/Park View


It was back in Jan. ’08 that Manny & Olga’s first issued a press release about coming to Petworth. At the time they hoped to be open by “Summer 2008”. So I was shocked to walk by the old Hunger Stopper Restaurant at 3624 Georgia Ave. (a few storefronts south of Looking Glass Lounge) and noticed the following sign:


I’m not exactly sure what the “this location available for franchise” means. Are they going to build it first and then sell the franchise or vice versa? It does say coming soon though. You guys think this is a good addition to this section of Georgia Ave.? Remember The Green Room sports bar is still set to come nearby at 3632 Georgia Ave.

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  • Um…why can’t there be stuff farther down Georgia Avenue NW? I haven’t been in DC long but strikes me that Howard University students would have demanded at least ONE decent pizza place, and we sort of assumed that when we moved onto Harvard Street NW. Hope this place delivers, because Pete’s Apizza is too damn expensive.

  • Not being a fan of pizza I won’t be patronizing this spot. As I’ve said in earlier posts, I am not a beer and pizza and pool tables type chick. But, one less empty boarded up storefront is a good thing. Much as I hated the service there, I wish we could get a Colorado Kitchen joint over this way. But then, if I want something different than what’s here and what’s coming, maybe I need to get off my ass and make it happen.

  • Manny and Olgas is the best! I can’t wait for this…I had no idea and its in my SMD!

  • I don’t know anyone my age (40s) who can eat Manny and Olga’s. It’s instant food poisoning for all of my friends I see at kids birthday parties.

  • What a bunch of Negative Nancys you people are! I’ll be happy if (unlike Eatmore Fried Chicken) this place is actually OPEN most of the time.

  • I hate to quibble over trifles, but I’m a little confused about the ‘Petworth’ in the title of this piece. As far as I can tell, this is coming to Park View, plain and simple. Petworth, so far as I know, stops at Rock Creek Church Road. Hence the Parkview Realty on the sign. A small point, perhaps, but dear little Park View deserves to stand on its own. It is not a subdivision of either Columbia Heights or Petworth.

    Incidentally, I have no idea what Manny and Olga’s is nor whether I would ever patronize it. Still, I’ll take what I can get.

  • I agree with Sheepprofessor, and no, I don’t think it is a small point. This one is coming to Park View. Petworth’s Manny & Olga’s is at 833 Kennedy St.

    I can understand the dual designation for the CVS, Park Place, Sweet Mango, etc., since that are all ON the border, but this is a good block and a half south.

    None-the-less … its good news for all that live near it regardless of what neighborhood they live in.

  • Leo, Italy Pizza on Florida Ave already delivers to HU and is phenomenally good.

  • Ate Manny and Olga’s once as a freshman at GW…never again…my stomach has fared better with Beijing tap water.

  • Yes — this will be a great addition to the neighborhood! Leo – agree with you that Pete’s is expensive, but Pete’s is so good! Will M&O a try when it opens.

  • eh… if you ask anyone that doesn’t like in Park View — this place is coming to Petworth.

    And yes, very excited!

  • Excellent news.
    and no, dude, I called dibs on the Hunger Stopper sign first. You just dinna hear me. Or something.

    What the farting hell are DIBS anyway?

  • Eh. Manny & Olga’s pizza tastes like cardboard and dirt. We have free pizza days in my office occasionally and it’s always Manny and Olga’s. I’ve learned to stop getting excited about those days and make other plans.

    There are already a gazillion pizza options near the Petworth metro.. Red Rocks, Pete’s, Angelico for gourmet or gourmet-ish pizza, and more crappy pizza delivery places than I can count. Every single week it seems like I get a flyer from a new one, too, there are literally dozens generic pizza places that deliver around here. Including every big name one too, like Domino’s, Pizza Mart, Pizza Boli, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s all within a few blocks. This adds nothing to the neighborhood. It’s better than an empty storefront but I won’t be patronizing it.

  • Glad to see new business going in, sad to see it’s a pizza place. Hands down Eddie Leonard’s has some awesome pizza, and if delivery is a must then there are quite a few places in the area that are decent and do that too.

  • Ughhhh Manny and Olgas!

  • I see nothing wrong with profiting from the public’s apparently unquenchable demand for lousy pizza. And this is as good a time as any to get into a pointless pizza war. California makes THE BEST pizza in the world. Anything from Chicago, New York, or Italy sucks by comparison. Discuss.

  • M&O’s pies make Domino’s seem authentic by comparison. Quality aside, in an hour of desparation, I once ordered a pie from M&O. It was delivered 45 minutes late, wasn’t what I ordered, was room tempurature, and was told by the driver, “take it or leave it.”

  • Hey Neener – I am in my 40’s and my one experience with Manny and Olga’s was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed my pizza. I guess my one very good experience is as valuable as the one negative experience some others are offering as their sole reason to diss this place.

    SingLikeSassy – Forget about getting off your ass and making something else happen. Just be like the rest of us – sit on your ass and complain about everything.

  • If they don’t have an operator for this franchise location, this sign will be up for a while. My guess is middle of 2010.

  • @Marcus, were you by any chance drunk? I am not saying you are a drunk or that there’s anything wrong with being so, but I have definitely experienced this phenomenon of eating what I thought was the best pizza ever, only to try it later while sober and realize the true horror of what I had done. Any jumbo slice on 18th Street definitely falls in that category.

    My advice to those who have eaten M&O’s while drunk and think it’s great is to leave well enough alone and don’t ever try it when you are sober. Ignorance is bliss.

  • What is the best pizza delivery in Petworth/brightwood park area?

  • Don’t forget Moroni and Bros. on Georgia Ave. Great pizza, locally owned and operated.

  • Manny & Olga’s is pretty good for what it is—cheap, thin-crust pizza. I don’t think they’re pretending to be some sort of authentic, organic, Italian brick oven New Haven pizza.

  • @Joe-

    Moroni Bros.

  • Joe – Moroni Bros is great.

  • @Jamie – My experience might be explained by the fact that I did not expect the pizza I ordered from Many and Olga’s to be the greatest pizza I have ever had. In fact, I don’t expect any pizza to be incredible and have not been blown away by any of the so-called “great” pizza places in DC. I’ve done 2 Amy’s, Vace, Ella’s, Matchbox, Moroni Bros, Pete’s Appizza, and Red Rocks. Can’t say that any were affirmatively bad, though some were better than others. The “best” of these? A toss up between Moroni Bros and Pete’s. But neither is awe inspiring – which seems to be what some of the local pizza critics expect or have experienced elsewhere. To be honest, I’d just as soon take Papa John’s over any of these places.
    When I was growing up in NYC, there was a pizza spot on almost every corner. Pizza was a quick and cheap lunch or dinner. All pizza spots were not created equal; some were clearly better than others. But no one ever expected a designer experience. That’s probably why I have a pretty wide pizza palette.
    And yes, I would be happy to sign the petition to bring one of the jumbo slice joints from 18th St. to Georgia Ave.

  • It would be awesome if they kept the sign up there as is, but I suppose the shabby chic thing that I’ve seen in NY and SF — where original signage is kept up like this with newer places below — hasn’t caught in DC yet.

  • Death to another empty store front… YEAH!!

  • Well, I think that you’re in the minority if you really can don’t think there’s a lot of difference between Papa John’s and Red Rocks or 2 Amy’s (or really any of those places). I mean, everyone has preferences when it comes to pizza. But Papa John’s is really pretty generic. It’s the least common denominator for deliver pizza as far as I’m concerned. Anyway, to each their own.

    But M&O’s tastes like cardboard. It’s really quite disgusting. I can’t believe anyone could set a piece of that garbage down next to a piece of 2 Amy’s and say “eh whatever it’s about the same.” That’s just crazy talk.

  • Why all the love for Pete’s Apizza? IT SUCKS! IT TASTES LIKE CARDBOARD! WHY THE HYPE??? Discuss.

  • for some reason petes pizza doesnt travel well. it tastes great in the store made fresh ..but delivered it is like a different pizza. imoo.

  • How about a “famous Famiglia” pizzaria? Otherwise, I’m happy with Red Rocks a few blocks away!

  • It’s pretty gross ::::tradeoff–> they are open til 4am

  • Perhaps the location is associated with Petworth because it is 1 1/2 blocks from a metro station which happens to be called called Petworth. Although all exits of the station are technically in Petworth, the station is right on the border and many people associate locations with the metro station name that may not be in the right neighborhood. I live 1 block over the Park View border, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to tell people that I live in Petworth because they can place it on their mental map (because for many people, their mental map of the city is pretty much limited to the WMATA metro map).

    Perhaps if there were a Park View metro station (or the fabled tram running up Georgia?) people will learn to care about the difference. In the meantime, how about we tell people it’s coming right near the Petworth metro?

  • @ technically in Park View: … or, perhaps, we just need to change the Metro Station to Georgia Ave/Petworth/Park View. Historically, other businesses on the border included both names … so why shouldn’t the station?

  • I couldn’t care less about their pizza, but their calzones = delicious

  • This location is the former Marios Pizza (lasted 5 months) and is ready to go for Pizza immediately. I live next door to this location and have a M&O next to my office in S.S.

    Great news!

  • I wish Radius Pizza of Mt. Pleasant would open up here or would deliver here. I was there last night and the new owners really are making some great pizza.

  • If you scraped the leftovers off the floor at Pete’s you would have better pizza than M&O. I would rather eat a jumbo slice from AM sober than ever eat M&O again. We alrady have Papa Johns and Pizza Hut so the crap is covered, and Petes, Radius, and Red Rocks anchors what might be the best pizza triple threat in all of DC.

    As an aside…how in the heck is Petes considered a dirt cheap eat? It is the most expensive pizza in DC. Our last pie from there came with a loan application and now that they have been Obama Certified the prices are sure to go up again.

  • @SingLikeSassy

    Gillian Clark, who owned Colorado Kitchen, plans (as of last January) to open up Georgia Ave Meeting House on the ground floor of Park Place apartments (GA and NH Aves).

  • I’m excited. It’s one less empty store front and one more place within a block of my house that I can grab a bite to eat. I’ve eaten at the M&O between Cafe St. X and Bar Pillar and while it’s not the best pizza, its good drunk food…

  • @Park View “Petworth’s Manny & Olga’s is at 833 Kennedy St.” – Is it in NE or something (and therefore not in Petworth)? I walk this street almost daily, there’s no M&O.

    @Greg – I think it’s actually across the street from the old Mario’s, right?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @emma it is def. across the street from the old Mario’s.

  • Manny & Olga’s 🙂 I know them. My brother always order at his place it’s pretty good. I can’t wait:) Hope they have seating.

    The Little Gyro

  • Why all the haters , Manny and Olga’s is real food . Not like the supposed Best Pizzas named in the other posts. I had those fake best pizzas in dc and I don’t know what the big deal is they suck. Manny & Ollgas is Legit.


  • I love their pizza. I wish the pizza place had made more progress since this post in November.

    Any updates PoP?

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