Logan Circle Holiday House Tour Coming Up


I missed this last year but since Logan Circle has some of my favorite houses, I think I gotta get to this one. So in case you do as well, I thought I’d post a bit in advance. The tour is Sunday, December 6, 2009 from 1-5pm. You can buy tickets in advance for $20 on their Web site here. And here’s a list of the properties on the tour:

1814 11th Street, NW
1405 12th Street, NW (former Louise Hand Laundry)
1320 13th Street, NW (The Icon)
1818 13th Street, NW
1333 14th Street, NW (Fathom Creative studios and residence)
1530 14th Street, NW (Gallery Plan B, Rippeteau Architects, and residences)
1515 15th Street, NW (The Metropole)
1310 Q Street, NW (Shipman House)
1331 Vermont Avenue, NW
1800 Vermont Avenue, NW

Anyone go last year?

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  • PoP, you know you can always volunteer. Volunteers get to go on the Tour for free and there’s always a great afterparty for volunteers only. All you do is stand guard in a room for about 2 1/2 hrs (one shift) and make sure people don’t bring in food, break anything, or let their kids run wild, lift the owner’s property, or go in the closets and refrigerator (that’s a biggie for some reason). For all of the walking that you do I think you could stand up that long.

  • OMG, I have always wanted to go in the Louise Hand Laundry building! Plus this tour always looks like fun each year. I am definitely going to treat myself – maybe I’ll see you there, PoP!

  • Add 1320 Q Street to the list of confirmed properties on the tour, a fabulous contemporary interior renovation of a traditional Victorian row house. And this year, we’ve revived a tradition of offering Logan Circle merchandise at the reception at Studio Theatre, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, a beverage mug, and a 2009 Logan Circle Holiday House Tour commemorative ornament.

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