Kababji Grill Very Close to Opening at 1351 Connecticut Ave., NW


We first spoke about this spot back in July. On Sunday I took a look in the window and it looks all set to go. On their Web site (beware annoying background music) you can see some renderings of the DC spot if you go to “news” then “USA opening in Washington”. The space looks quite nice, though it looks like they’ll also be offering delivery…

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  • Kababji doesn’t know Dick about kabab. Moby Dick that is….ha ha!

  • Kababs. Yawn. Maybe I am spoiled from years of living around the corner from Mama Ayesha’s, Lebanese Taverna and the Astor. I do like me some kibbeh.

  • wdc – this is right off the circle (on the south side). very close to heritage india, big hunt, etc

  • its not just kababs.
    this is a Lebanese chain, and quite popular there.
    its cool that dc is their first american locale.

  • the chops look yummy

  • kababji is one of my favorite places to eat in lebanon. i really hope that this location gets it close to right in terms of taste. their shish taouk sandwich, raqaqat jibneh and fattoush are so good.

  • also petworth newbie: mama ayeshas and lebanese taverna are blah. the tyson’s location of leb tav is okay (although they rather oddly put pomegranate seeds in their fattoush), but mama ayesha’s unfortunately left A LOT to be desired, though the decor is nice. i nearly burst out laughing when i ordered the labneh and got a 1/3 inch spread of labneh on a saucer (it usually comes in a nice serving size in a bowl).

  • Yum, pomogranate is frequently put on fattoush in north Lebanon. I’ve had in several places in Tripoli/Mina and in Batroun.

  • but with pomegranate seeds? I’ve had fattoush with pomegranate juice, but not with the seeds (I’ve never seen a recipe calling for the seeds — only for the juice – not that that means it doesn’t exist, obviously).

  • Kababji is the best Lebanese food I have had in the states. The staff trained at the Lebanon location before they opend, (I have been told). Not a fast food kabob place though, causal full service dining. Great food, Great Service. I give them 5 stars…

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