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  • I’m sorry, but Pho 14 is mediocre at best. Go out to Eden Center, or hell, even Langley Park or Laurel.

  • I haven’t been, but my wife insists the pho at Saigon Bistro is terrible. “Like dirty water” was how she described it.

    On the subject of Pho 14, my last visit (and there have been at least a couple dozen) was kind of disappointing. The broth was less noticeably low in flavor (lack of salt and star anise, I think), with a really skimpy amount of meat. I’ve been a big fan since it opened (it’s not as good as places in VA, but not a bad substitute at all), so I hope this was just an off night.

  • Given the obvious, that Vietnamese food is better in Eden Center, and also in Vietnam, the pho here is still tasty, and worth eating on a lunch hour when not all of us can be in delightful suburban virginia.

  • The Pho Nam restaurant on Shady Grove Road is just awesome and the only good thing about Gaithersburg.

  • Gross — Pho is a No Go

  • The Pho here is great and really affordable. Two thumbs up.

  • I’m a fool for Pho

  • If pho is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

    Geau Pho!!!!!!!!!!!! @——->—————-

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    As a Viet, I rather like Pho 14. In fact I find their broth rather refined. Flavorful without being too heavy.

    Being over-saturated with spice or excessively greasy does not necessarily make a pho dish more authentic. In my book it’s a sign of inattentive cook who let the broth run mucky muck amok!

  • This place is decent. Better than the crap pho in Cleveland Park, but not as good as Pho 14. Of course you can get better pho in the suburbs, but that’s not a fair comparison.

  • Vonstallin

    Damn I like all the PHO spots..
    Eden center in VA..
    Cleveland parks Pho spot..
    And i took a friend/date to Pho 14…my first time their…
    Ill never forget that date….I was given a shocking “Surprise” a few months later….


  • I am by no means a pho snob. I have eaten it maybe a total of 3 times in my whole life but this place is just awful. So if you are in fact a pho snob then you will think it is beyond awful here.

  • saigon pho tasted pretty decent to me (i’m not going to pretend — for me pho is either out of the park amazing because of subtle flavors, really bad, or just decent).

    it is in the pricey range (it’s on P street), they charged me $2 extra for beef tendon, which is a must in pho IMO, and they serve pho in these stylish bowls, which I get are supposed to make it more upscale, but seem smaller than the standard round bowl

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