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  • The place is terrific. Great food and service.

  • I ate there once and the food was actually really good but they put cilantro in a lot of things (including the naan, which I had never seen before) without labelling it on the menu. I’m one of those people who just can’t eat anything with cilantro so I had to send a dish back – they were pretty good about it, though.

  • This is my go-to delivery Indian place. The food is great, and compared to some other Indian places I have tried for delivery in DC, the portion is worth the price. The naan is very good, and we especially liked the palak paneer! Try it.

  • I would agree with Sleepy. I am always happy with my order!

  • It’s fantastic! They have this batter-fried cauliflower with spicy red sauce appetizer that’s pretty much the tastiest thing ever. Haven’t tried any of the Indian dishes, but the Nepali dishes have been seriously yummy (and several good vegan options!). The frequent emptiness is worrisome – I’m hoping they stick around!

  • Love it. I’m a big fan. Get the vegetarian thali!

  • I liked it, tho so far it’s my second-favorite Nepalese restaurant (out of two, admittedly). There was a place in Charlottesville that was amazing, but I don’t know if it’s still open.

    Prices were way better than Mehak, it’s more convenient than Bombay Gaylord (and much moreso than the flurry of Indian places in Langley Park) and almost as veg-friendly as Udupi Palace. Beyond that, the atmosphere is way better than any of those places. (I don’t know why Nepalese places seem to go the extra mile in terms of decor and ambiance but I kind of love it!)

  • How funny! I ate there last night. The food is pretty excellent and the service is great. The price for the dishes seems to be pretty average for DC. This place is also nice for big parties if you make a reservation. I encourage everyone to eat there if you are looking for some great Indian/Himalayan food.

  • Very good. Love the yak.

  • Another endorsement. Tasty and a good value. This is definitely one of the better places in Adams Morgan.

  • at the risk of making the place too crowded so that i’ll have to wait…i think HH is one of the best kept secrets in the city (or at the very least, adams morgan). it’s my favorite indian place in the city – the right combination of great food, nice atmosphere, and reasonable prices. there are others that may beat them in one category out of the 3, but none that beat it overall.

  • The momo is fantastic. Never had a meal that was less than excellent here.

  • Great food & service. They also usually have coupons on their website, which is always a plus.

  • Great food, bizarre delivery schedule that’s best avoided ( http://www.yelp.com/biz/himalayan-heritage-washington#hrid:OF4teu_N0kHEin2q5NYZ5A ). Eat there, don’t try and let them bring the nosh to you!

  • Is this the same Nepalese place that used to be further down 18th by Lauriol Plaza??

  • Approved by the IntangibleArts Global Conspiracy and Ferret-Grinders Union.

    Good stuff. Lunch buffet dares to have more flavor than many similar places, and I’ve never seen it crowded during weekday lunch.

  • This place is excellent. The goat curry is outstanding. It’s a tad on the pricey side, but only a couple bucks or so more than other Indian places, and it’s easily worth it to eat at HH instead of Jyoti if you’re in Ad Mo.

  • Does anyone know their delivery range?

  • Very good. Eat there often and always have a great meal. The best Indian in the area is still Bombay Gaylord in Silver Spring, but HH is great when I want to stay in town.

    Only complaint is on delivery, expect to wait a LONG time.

  • I got delivery from there once (all the way over in Park View, their range is pretty big and you can order online through Foodler) and it was pretty bland… maybe I should just order it spicy next time.

  • Ate there once and, save the momo, was incredibly disappointed. Just one data point but it was mediocre at best.

  • their chicken tikka masala is amazing!!

  • Ate there once and didn’t go back because I found the food mediocre at best.

  • Agree on the Chicken Tikka Masala! I really like this place and it is a crowd pleaser. My teenager loves the Indian and my husband can’t get enough Momo.

  • Owners are on site which is a plus. They do a lot of take-out business, but the decor to eat there at the restaurant is upscale. Service and food has been excellent.

  • This place is terrible. The quality of food is worse than most 24 hr cabbie joints I used to frequent in Chicago and NY. The service was god awful.

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