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Eatonville is located at 2121 14th St NW between V and W Streets. I hadn’t stopped in since they opened and holy cow does the place look awesome! The upstairs and downstairs are equally fantastic. I was at an event so only had some appetizers. But for folks who have gone to eat a proper meal – thumbs up or down? Anything on the menu you highly recommend? You can see their menus here.

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  • the food is absolutely phenomenal and the service is always top notch. we love this place.

  • The hush puppy stuffed with shrimp, leek fondue, and creole sauce- perhaps the greatest appetizer I have ever had? I think so.

  • The crab burger is massive and not crowded with bread crumbs (I could do without the pickled onions thought).

    Catfish Po Boy- incredible.

    An overlooked side is the Hoppin’ John. A mildly spiced rice and bean dish that is great in its own right.

  • Everyone I have dined with loves the fried green tomatoes. I think their fish entrees are their best.

  • Awesome. Everything is great. I was really impressed by their strong beer list, which I was not expecting.

  • Everything I have tried here has been great, including some of the specials. We went one Saturday night when it was super crowded and still had great, friendly service. I’m really pleasantly surprised by this place, since I don’t really care for the owner’s other restaurant next door.

  • The trout, mac and cheese, and oyster po’boy are a party in my mouth (but didn’t see the po’boy on the menu last night). And the sweet tea is refreshing. There is also an adorable blond server there who I want to be my baby daddy.

  • I adore Eatonville! I grew up in the deep south so the flavors are like home to me. I love the murals on the walls too. It’s really a stellar addition to the neighborhood!

  • I have been once and our group was unimpressed with the service and the food.

  • The cajun mushroom loaf is amazing. Beer selection very good. Highly recommended.

  • let me second the shout for the mushroom loaf. you wouldn’t think a mushroom loaf would be amazing, but this one is.

  • Been there 5 or 6 times since it opened…liked everything I’ve had…hush puppies and pork chops are the best though…service has always been good as well which counts for a LOT!

  • This is a very very good restaurant: Good value, excellent food and friendly service. I’ve been several times since it opened.

  • A tad over-hyped. Mediocre food. Slow service (and this was on a Tuesday!). We were stuck upstairs in the back, which may have led to at least the poor service and certainly to the lack of ambiance. Fried catfish was ok…if you want the real deal, make a trip to RT’s in VA.

  • I’ve been twice, and I think this place will become a staple in my DC restaurant repertoire.

    The first time we went we had some weak dishes, including the cheddar tart appetizer, which was bland and tasted like store-bought crust. The service was eh. We had fried chicken and fried catfish. Both great, Southern staples and done well. The hush puppy appetizer was out of this world.

    But the second time we went, we had a great time despite a long wait (and they almost discouraged us from staying)… good thing we did.

    We had fried oyster as an appetizer – breaded perfectly and not fishy at all. My friend and I shared two side dishes of mac and cheese and sweetpotato hash with our salads – so good! My boyfriend had ribs which were so good I can’t even tell you.

    This place does Southern comfort food almost as well as any place in the South. Try it out. The beer list is great and I enjoy drinking out of mason jars.

  • So-so. We were seated upstairs in the back dining area…zero ambiance up there. Fried catfish was okay. Service was slow. Maybe if we were downstairs, it would’ve been a different experience. If you want the real deal, make a trip to RT’s in VA.

  • Thumbs up! The food is not too expensive, the servings are the right size and the people and staff are pleasant. There’s a bit too much fried stuff on the menu but there are plenty of other options. For the price, it’s worth it.

  • Service can be hit-or-miss. Fried chicken was really good, po boy just alright. Maybe an off day. You’ll find better creole/cajun dishes at RTs. I thought the decor was kinda tacky, but WTF do I know? I wear Hawaiian shirts with leather pants.

  • The sweet tea and catfish and grits are sublime. Shrimp and grits are okay, but not my speed. The mint juleps leave a little to be desired, despite nice presentation. Despite pickiness, great overall. Love this place.

  • I’ve been several times and always enjoy the catfish and cheddar grits and the pork chop. The bread pudding is delicious. They took the oyster po boy off of the dinner menu, which is a shame, because it’s delicious and inexpensive…I guess it wasn’t profitable enough to keep on. But I’m happy to see it’s still on the lunch menu if I decide to go on an off day.

    Service is hit or miss, though usually slow.

  • Mac n’ Cheese is awesome.

  • We went with a friend riht after they opened. The serice was kinda slow, but the food was really, really good. A litle pricey, but worth it for special occasions!

  • I had the fried catfish with DELICIOUS cheesey grits. My friends had the fried chicken and oyster po’boy. Everything was delicious! It’s not for every day, but I have paid 15$ for entrees in DC many times that were nowhere near as good.

  • I had a steak there that was kind of tough and not all that great, but everything else was awesome.

  • The trout and the mushroom loaf are fantastic.

  • I’ve had very good experience with the food the three times I’ve eaten there (with different sets of people). Everyone has enjoyed the fried green tomatoes appetizer. I tried the hush puppy and shrimp appetizer during my first visit. While it was interesting, the Eatonville version of a hush puppy doesn’t really resemble the hush puppies of memory in the South (or those currently available at Sou’wester here in DC).

    I’ve had good experiences with the pecan-crusted trout, and also a spare rib entree. The veggie meatloaf got high marks from a non-meat-eater.

    The only dessert I’ve had, the chocolate pie, was scrumptious.

    As with other Andy Shallal properties, service can be hit or miss. Sometimes it was charming, others relatively inattentive and slow.

  • @Bob – I was here recently as well and I did not see the adorable blond po’boy on the menu either. All in all the food and service were both fantastic!

  • I’ve been two times for brunch, and it was excellent.

  • Atmosphere: A … gorgeous space, tons of seating, very relaxed, chill vibe, lots of different styles of seating

    Value: A- … can’t really be much cheaper for the area

    Service: B plus … solid but nothing that really stood out

    Food: B … won’t rock your world, not really memorable, but tasty enough (basically on par with BB&P), and certainly tasty enough considering the fair pricing and nice atmosphere. And, they have fried green tomatoes (not the best I’ve had, but solid enough)!

    Overall, solid. If I want a REALLY good meal in an AMAZING atmosphere, I will hit 1905. If I want a relaxed, good-value meal in a more chill atmosphere, this place is great.

  • As a Louisiana native, I feel qualified to say that the gumbo there is straight-up legit. It’s a little weird to see crab, shrimp and andouille all in the same bowl (usually andouille goes in chicken gumbo, and shrimp/crab combine as seafood gumbo). The flavor and seasoning was perfect–just the right amount of red pepper to give you that warm feeling in your throat.

    I just realized they have brunch. Now I’m excited.

  • Not sure I will ever eat there, no matter how good it is. I know the original chef hired and was jerked around and then fired: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/display.php?id=37234
    I’ll stick with B. Smith at Union Station

  • Their fried green tomatoes are the best I’ve ever had, seriously. I don’t know how they can make such a simple dish so amazing but it is, “lick your fork, let me get another order,” good! The fried chicken breast with collard greens and mashed potatoes is also phenomenal. The awesomeness doesn’t stop at the entrees either. The cobbler is to die for and the extensive beer, wine, and cocktail menu makes even a “lush” like me happy.
    Two thumbs up to Eatonville. You won’t be dissapointed!

  • The service was good; however, the menu was limited.

  • i’ve wanted to try Eatonville out, as i once worked in a Louisiana/creole/cajun restaurant.
    unfortunately, my rent is too high for me to do much of anything recreational – can’t wait until the lease is up!!

  • I like it. I usually make a meal out of the side dishes: side of greens, side of macaroni, side of catfish sticks.

    Also, I am very happy to have a restaurant the pays tribute to a black woman writer.

    Wish we had a sister establishment at the Donatelli Building on Geogia Avenue.

  • Not a single Kosher item on the menu. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I will not be back.

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  • Staying away from a place because there’s nothing Kosher on the menu is pretty ridiculous. It’s like going to a BBQ joint and getting all pissy because there are no vegan options on the menu.

  • We decided to experience Eatonville yesterday evening. We didn’t know that reservations are “recommended”, but luckily we didn’t have to wait. The service was friendly and a nice atmosphere. For appetizers we tried the stuffed hush puppies. It was delicious. For our entrees we had the catfish and grits and the Crab Cake burger!! That was the thickest crab cake burger I have ever seen! It was great. The catfish was ok, I had better. Overall, I would go back, but would like to see the menu expanded.

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