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Bread & Chocolate is located at 2301 M Street, NW (though they also have Chevy Chase and Alexandria locations.) I don’t get around to the West End that often but this cafe was super crowded on Sunday. You can see their menus here. Any fans out there? For those that don’t live nearby is it worth the journey?

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  • I only visited their old eastern market location (now something else)… All I have to say is that I love bread and I love chocolate, so how can you possibly go wrong?

  • I love bread and I love chocolate too. That’s why it’s so puzzling that the EM location was so awful. LPQ is not much better either

  • It’s pretty disappointing that they don’t have a bread-and-chocolate dish on the menu that I know of. Bread and chocolate is a great breakfast treat.

  • I used to go to the Connecticut Ave location when I lived in Van Ness, but only because I didn’t know of other options. It’s mediocre at best, not worth a trip.

  • Awesome french onion soup. I miss the one in Eastern Market, but love that new place that is there.

  • I never had any food there that I liked and the service was only so so. For me the pastries looked better than they tasted.

    I still feel that the only reason the one at Eastern Market lasted as long as it did and remained open when many of the other locations closed, was because of the location and the huge outdoor seating area.

  • The old one at Eastern Market is now Le Pain Quotidien, which I love. It’s probably pretty expensive by a lot of people’s standards, so maybe isn’t great for everyday, but they’re a great lunch option and I love the mint lemonade.

    re B&C I’ve only been to the Eastern Market one and the Old Town one. I used to get brunch at the Eastern Market one a lot, but the food wasn’t actually great. They just have a nice patio. Decent soups, some okay pastries. Not sure I ever ate anything but brunch there. Overall, I think LPQ is an upgrade.

  • Bread & Chocolate = Bread and chocolate. Get some good french bread, cut it open, spread with butter, insert a good (not Hershy etc.) thin, chocolate bar (dark is best) and eat! Divine! I’m sure some of the swanky shops even sell real European thin choc. meant for eating this way, it is a common after-school snack.

  • Its not worth it. I’ve been there twice, and both times the service was SO SLOW. My friend and I seriously considered leaving without paying after waiting almost hour just for our check. And the food wasn’t that good. Overall not a great experience and I really wanted to like it too.

  • I believe they have a brunch dish of french toast drenched in chocolate. I live nearby and rarely go. The service is usually pretty awful and its overrun with loud GW students. Not bad for picking up a challah or baguette on the way home though.

  • Mediocre food, middling service. Overall: Meh.

  • in theory this place rules. in practice it is consistently the worst service in the city. i work a block away and will never go there again. sad but true. someone copy their menu and actually manage the restaurant and you will have a hit on your hands.

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