Judging New(ish) Buildings


I walked past this building at Tunlaw and 37th Street.

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It is split up into two homes. I think it looks pretty sweet. I know some folks don’t like curb cuts. But overall would you say thumbs up or down?

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  • I actually like it. It fits into that side of the block in a weird kind of way.

  • These are great. I lived nearby when they were being built and I like them a lot. That curb cut is fine, it’s in the intersection so it’s not taking away any street parking.

  • I used to walk by everyday between Georgetown and where I lived on by the Cathedral. I love this building, it’s awesome

  • Looks like an old Kodak instamatic. They ought to paint one side of the top floor silver.

  • the architecture looks garish and bit busy – not to mention cheap.

  • I live by these and I think they are a pretty good infill and a nice version of contemporary that blends well in a tradition, established neighborhood.

    Busy – perhaps. Cheap – the photo doesn’t convey the quality of the materials, as they are not cheap. Garish? Um sure if beige, brick red and brown are vivid colors. Know the definition before using a word – sorry pet peeve.

  • Just wonder how you all would feel if someone took a picture of your house, gave the world a map to get to it, and then called it ugly. I really dont understand how people can be so unkind.

  • Cheap? Think again, maybe you should check out real estate prices in the neighborhood and by all accounts of neighbors who saw the building in progress, far from cheap materials too.

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