In Case You Hear a Fly Over Around Midnight

From Alert DC:

“Department of Defense will be conducting authorized fly over in the National Capitol Region for a Falcon Virgo Exercise (weather permitting). The exercise is scheduled for Wednesday (11/18/09) between 12:00 Mid Night to 2:00 AM.”

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  • Falcon Virgo ?? Gotta appreciate the name-thinkers here!

  • What is with the huge huge police contingency at Clark Elementary tonight? I wonder if it’s related to the fly over?

    Why is there police tape at Kansas and Varnum?

  • That terribly written message gives me zero confidence in the “Homeland Security” officials responsible for public information. What kind of Newspeak jargon is this phrase: “will be conducting authorized fly over”? How much can we trust a DC official who doesn’t know the difference between “National Capitol” and “National Capital”? And “Mid Night”? Please.

    Never mind that the whole “Falcon Virgo” inside-baseball mumbo-jumbo adds nothing but confusion. I guess they left it in because it sounded cool. Or maybe they honestly thought that we really needed to know that this was merely a Falcon Virgo, and not a much more ominous Fairlane Cancer.

    Sad. Just sad.

  • saf

    Clarker – the police were serving a warrant on Varnum.

  • PoP I emailed you about the last one of these, which was not so publicized. It’s horribly loud and ENDLESSSSSSSSSSSS, just warning everybody. (It’s really loud in Bloomingdale. Maybe it won’t be so loud elsewhere.)

  • p.s. looks like they’ve started. it’s 10:33. AHHHHHHHH.

  • Is this what I heard in Adams Morgan at 2am? They were circling for like 20 minutes and cop cars were all around.

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