How To Volunteer at the Armed Forces Retirement Home

Gary Rice, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

On this Veteran’s Day some folks have asked me how they can volunteer at the Armed Forces Retirement Home.

I received the following info on how to do it:

Here is a link with all sorts of information on how to volunteer at the Home. Our volunteers find it a rewarding experience. Each resident has an amazing story to tell; 80 percent of the residents were career enlisted men or women. We have a group of absolutely amazing women who served in World War II who served overseas and can tell some amazing tales of the war years.”

Here is a story I wrote about Master Sergeant Gary Rice, a resident.

Thanks to all our Veterans on this day and all days.

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  • This picture is so cute…

  • Thanks for posting this! We were just talking about this.

  • There is a volunteer event at the home this weekend. Not sure if it’s open to everyone (i’m active duty, and received the invite that way.)

    8:30-noon 11/14/09 organizing, cleaning, kids can help make holiday decorations.

    POP – maybe you could check to see if this is open to the whole community? If so, might be nice for the residents to meet some of us “locals”.


  • Prince Of Petworth

    @M. I just sent an email asking about this event.

  • i have attempted to contact the AFRH to volunteer and never heard back from them. maybe they are only soliciting military people?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @M that event is for service members only.

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