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IMG_0705, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is another that I think got converted to apartments but I’m always struck by how cool the third level balcony looks.

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  • I’m not ususally one for whimsical color palettes but that house looks great. Love the blue/orange/green

  • it looks even better in person.. the colors are a little deeper, not quite as bright as they look in the pic (to me anyway). i pass this house every morning, and i love it!

  • I drive by this house every morning on my way to work. I usually see this dude up there sitting outside eating a bowl of cereal. Quite the busy intersection and area though…

  • Where is this place?

  • Pretty sure it’s that house on 1st street NW near the intersection of 1st and New York Avenue. Is that right? It’s like two houses up 1st towards N.

  • Thanks Matt, you were right on target.

  • a lot of these houses were actually built as multiple unit buildings. i went to a discussion of properties built by harry wardman yesterday (not saying this is a wardman property) where the speaker showed us examples of what she termed “rowhouse flats” where the buildings were built to be indistinguishable from single-family rowhouses next door. these “rowhouse flat” properties had two or three units inside the building.

    so, it’s possible something like this could have been built with multiple units to start with, and not converted into such. just a thought.

  • I was actually wondering, does anyone know if this house is the original structure? Last time I walked past it I thought it looked like a very well designed pop-up based on all the surrounding houses.

  • That balcony is awesome

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