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While I think this one is split into apartments I still love the building. It hits the trifecta for me – ivy, fire escape and big circular windows. I know it’s not everyone’s favorite, but I seriously dig it.

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  • Where is this?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Dupont Circle area.

  • this one has everything cool.
    steel, brownstone, brick, roundedness, greenery, cool roofline, three floors plus english basement, slate, transoms, copper, cool details.
    i love it!

  • The fire escape is incredible, and the ivy fills out the space between really well. Where is this?

    5 stories, porch, fire escape platforms, potential third story half-circle patio, potential roof space… this is dope. Is there any yard space in the front (however small)?

    If I lived here, I would buy or rent the rights to the left neighbor’s roof and turn it into large patio or garden space. Awesome building.

  • Is it this fire escape or do you love fire escapes?
    As a child in the Bronx it was one of my pet peeves that fire escapes ruined the look of a building, and there were tons of fire escapes in the Bronx.
    That and overhead wires. We had a lot of telephone poles too with wires everywhere.
    I hated that the sky was obstructed. There was a massive project in the 50s to bury the wires under the street–that was a mess of construction I can tell you.
    Funny, I don’t feel that way now about fire escapes and overhead wires or a lot of things I felt in my youth.
    File this under rants and raves.
    P.S. I too love this house. I think the fire escapes are a clue that this is now a multiple dwelling, if not built as one.

  • This is on P St. between 15th and 16th. It’s definitely one of my favorite homes in the city.

    I walk by it practically every day to get groceries, and have always loved looking at it. I’ve seen one of the occupants sitting on the fire escape on nice days reading a book.

    Looks like a great place.

  • I used to live here. I had the bay window on the second level and I had bright orange curtains in the window. It is a gorgeous studio apartment with hardwood floor and a big closet. In back you can climb ladder, hurdle a fence climb another ladder and lay out on the roof and catch some rays. I loved living here, the ivy is getting a little out of control but I fondly remember sitting on the fire escape on late summer nights and chucking empty beer bottles onto P Street. Wish I could afford to live their still, rent got raised out of my budget and I had to go 🙁

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