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IMG_0558, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I thought this was a very unusual one as you can see it has like two kinds of borders one at the top and one around the door. I’ve never seen a style like this before. This is located off Mass Ave. on Rock Creek not too far from the Naval Observatory.

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  • That’s the flag of Mali. Their embassy is (was?) on R, off of Mass Ave (on the East border of Rock Creek Park.) On the West side of the park, there’s a bunch of other embassies (U.K. S. Africa, etc) beside the Naval Obs.

    This is either an odd residence (maybe for Mali’s Ambassador), or they moved locations (the R st one looks smaller than this.) Either way, considering where it is(?) and how it looks, it might have been originally designed as an embassy.

  • The car parked outside has a diplomatic tag, so it’s probably some sort of embassy office.

    And speaking of diplomatic tags, stay far, far away from anyone driving around with that style of tags on their car. They’re by far the worst drivers in D.C., and they make cab drivers look like good drivers in comparison.

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