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Here’s another interesting example from 16th Street Heights. I was mostly taken with the turret in the middle but am also wondering what you guys think about the contrast of the red brick with the formstone?

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  • U-G-L-Y, it ain’t got no alibi.
    No landscaping what so ever. The windows have been replaced and robbed of any character. the door is terrible and that turret is screaming for a weathervane.

    Replace the bay window with some diamond shaped leaded glass, put in a new tudor door, dress up the chimney so it is not flush with the house and maybe add an eyebrow window in between the bay window and the three arches.

    I give it a D+ for effort.

  • I think that is real stone, not form stone.

  • This is a singularly awkward house. I do believe that is the local building stone, which was commonly known as “rubble”. I might have guessed it has been added to on the ends (because each is so ugly and weird) , but the entire roof seems to be of quality slate, probably original to the house. Very strange.

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