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  • i see houses like this in nice places and wonder why nobody’s renovated them. i mean, this place at its full potential is a really expensive property.

  • This house could rock with a bit of TLC and $$$$.

  • A little love?? This place needs a whole lot, starting with a new verandah to replace what was ripped off years ago.

  • Andy, it probably hasn’t been renovated because someone has probably lived in it for a while and can’t afford to overhaul the property. I don’t necessarily think that’s always a bad thing. There’s a saying that “poverty saves architecture”, meaning that when people don’t have the money to “renovate”, they’re not ripping out all of the irreplacable historic features of a home. Remember, to some, upgrading their property meant putting vinyl siding or formstone over perfectly good brick.

  • I know the owners (but not much about them). They are by no means poor, and also have the benefit of income from the apartments contained within the home. The interior is very nicely renovated. They had the house on the market a few years back for ~1.2 million.

    Exterior alterations require HPRB approval which can be time consuming and expensive. Also exterior renovations do not increase the income from the property.

    My guess is that they don’t think its worth the money to maintain the exterior if they plan to sell.

  • Oh yes, good point about the HPRB aspect on the exterior.

  • when i said i saw potential in this place i was thinking it should probably be coated top to bottom in formstone. or tyvek wrap.

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